Digital battle management system

Share combat information everywhere on the battlefield

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Data at the heart of the battlefield

Atos Digital battle management system is the single complete solution for sharing battalion-level land and air-land combat information on the battlefield.
Digital battle management system is designed for use in HQs, inside vehicles and by dismounted soldiers.
Digital battle management system is robust software that is configured to perfectly fit with a country’s doctrine and specificities using an iterative process.
The resulting solution is easily extensible to anticipate future operational requirements and ensure national strategic independence of mission critical systems.


SICS, Digital battle management system for army developed by Atos

Highly adaptable

The modularity of SICS allows it to fit very diverse operational uses, depending on the national defense organization, doctrine and strategic equipment choices.

Easy to use

The interface of SICS is designed to be highly intuitive. It has an easy learning curve, enabling soldiers to use essential features very quickly.


At the heart of the digital transformation of the French Army

Digital battle management system is the functional and technical basis of SICS (Scorpion combat information system), the solution designed by Atos within France’s ambitious Scorpion equipment renewal program battlegroups of the French army.

BMS adapted for use at HQ, vehicle and dismounted soldier levels

SICS at the operational center

SICS provides decision-makers with an effective means to prepare, train and execute incoming missions. It aggregates information from the field and external sources to provide up-to-date information.

SICS vehicle

SICS is optimized for effective use in operational theater, seamlessly relaying information from onboard sensors and weapon systems. It provides situational awareness, enabling the sharing of information, orders, and alerts on the battlefield.

SICS in dismounted mode CAP N5

SICS enables the sharing of critical tactical information from the field, including the GLA with connectable equipment in dismounted mode. The knowledge of the actual situation on the ground facilitates quick and efficient action, providing essential information for mission accomplishment.

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