The combat-proven SICS program

Improving operational capabilities on the battlefield

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SICS, combat-proven by the French Land Army

Unique command system for the GTIA (French Joint Battle Group)

With SICS, the French Army’s tactical units have an operational information system that gives them real tactical superiority.


SICS has been deployed in external operations since summer 2021.

An operational information system enabling joint combat

SICS is the command and combat system deployed from the battle group to the squad, which enables combined arms combat. It also provides the collaborative combat capability of the battle group level in three areas: protection, observation, and attack.

The SICS system brings a new dimension to joint combat and to the digitization of the battlespace.

The goal of SICS is to improve the operational capability of battle groups and provide useful and reliable information extremely quickly. Quite simply, to focus more on the mission. Free up time for operational staff to think and act.

SICS is the command and control system used by the French Land army from the joint battle group to the squad.

Easy to use and appropriate, it guarantees:

  • a shared, consolidated and trusted operational situation, in near-real time
  • the distribution of orders and reports to all tactical levels

in the context of air-land combat, for all sensors and effectors, in an inter-army and inter-allied approach.

Easy to use

Easy to handle, the SICS system is intuitive at all levels. All functionalities are visible on the same screen: Blue-Force Tracking (BFT), chat, up-to-date tactical situation,… The rapid training and non-time-consumingmaintenance of skills thus improve the usability of the system and contributes to improving the operational efficiency of the French land forces.

Operational excellence

The SICS command system is a complete and scalable operational information system. It operates in constrained low-speed networks in near-real-time. It can be interfaced with high and low bandwidth communication equipment.


SICS interfaces with acquisition systems (sensors) and weapon systems. It also provides native interoperability with higher echelon systems and allied forces through the use of several widely used standards including FFI/MTF.

Forces coordination

The SICS system makes it possible to broadcast orders to all tactical levels, to share information from the battle group’s chief of operations to the squad leader in both directions. The multi-level coordination provides a shared and relevant visualization of the battlespace to provide useful data to the operational staff.

Multi-level use of SICS

SICS at frontline


On the battlefield, the SICS command system is used from the joint battle group level to the combat squad level. It promotes coordination between units, reduces the risk of fratricidal fire thanks to BFT (Blue-Force Tracking), and thus gives a new dimension to contact combat. SICS also interconnects with the vetronics of combat vehicles and can be used during missions on foot.

Discover the benefits of SICS at frontline

SICS at the operational center


At the operational center level, the SICS command system allows operational staff to have, collect, use and distribute information instantly. The Digital BMS solution provides a clear and proven view of friendly and enemy tactical situations. The system provides immediately understandable and exploitable information to facilitate decision-making.

Discover the benefits of SICS at the operational center

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