SICS at frontline

A robust and intuitive system for making the right decision at the right time.

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Key features

  • Automated Blue-Force tracking (BFT)
  • Creation of shared community of interest
  • Optimized for all screens
  • Works in constrained networks
  • Radio interface
  • Chat system

A single operational information system deployed from the combat vehicle to the Joint Battle Group’s command post

Company Commander - Captain Antoine >

Decision support

“It’s a vision of the tactical situation in real time between level 7 and level 5, therefore between the Squad Leader and the Company Commander. On my screen, I see where my elements are in the mechanism. SICS bringing blue force tracking, simplified messaging via chat, allows us to free up part of the radio network, to focus on actual conduct of the mission.”

Platoon Leader - Lieutenant Mathieu >

Fluidity and multi-level transmission

“In my working method, makes the arrival of commands from the top level more fluid down to transmission to the lower ranks. This lets us have a quicker view of the overall situation we are manoeuvring in, whether in the Joint Battle Group or in the Joint Battle Sub-Group. This gives us a faster reading so we can transmit it faster and save time in all our maneuvers.”

Squad Leader - Soldier Mikhail >

Quick understanding of battlespaces

“With SICS, I see the location of my friends, groups, as well as that of the platoon. This makes it much easier for me to make decisions and have an understanding of the battlespace.”

Interconnection and communication on the battlefield with SICS

Atos’ SICS operational information system is NATO compliant and interfaces with both constrained and broadband networks. It is compatible with the equipment deployed in the French armed forces. It can be used on hardened terminals.

To share information at all levels, SICS is used within an infrastructure housing a Joint Battle Group-level operational center or onboard vehicles operating in a cluster or autonomous mode.


Adapted to be used at the operational center, in vehicles, and disembarked mode by the Company Commander

SICS at the operational center

SICS provides decision-makers with an effective means to prepare, train and execute incoming missions. It aggregates information from the field and external sources to provide up-to-date information.

SICS at the operational center

SICS vehicle

SICS is optimized for effective use in operational theater, seamlessly relaying information from onboard sensors and weapon systems. It provides situational awareness, enabling the sharing of information, orders, and alerts on the battlefield.

SICS in dismounted mode with foot calculator for Coy Commander ‘s level

SICS enables the sharing of critical tactical information from the field, including the BFT with connectable equipment in dismounted mode. The knowledge of the actual situation on the ground facilitates quick and efficient action, providing essential information for mission accomplishment.

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