SICS at the operational center

Share information instantly to focus on the mission and facilitate decision-making

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Using information superiority to win the decision

Decision support

The intuitive SICS interface operates in constrained high and low-speed networks. It allows you to access, collect, use, enhance and distribute useful and relevant information in near real-time.


SICS offers native interoperability with higher echelon systems and with allied forces. The system enables joint combat.

This battle management system will change the way we understand combat and situations. And presumably over time, the way we command, prepare and give orders.

Commanding Officer – Colonel Aubry

Focus on decision-making and tactical strategy

The SICS system is easy to use and easy to learn. It provides a shared and trusted operational situation that concentrates information in near-real-time. Forces coordination, combined with an exact knowledge of the tactical situational, facilitates decision-making.

SICS shares a continuously updated tactical situation. It supports the dissemination of orders and reports to all tactical levels within the framework of an air-land battle. Interoperability with allied forces is possible through the use of FFI/MTF.

SICS facilitates our decision making process since we have the live position of all manoeuvre units, whatever their level. And so we have immediately the possibilities, positions and capabilities of each of the units.

Chief of operations – Captain Paul

SICS for joint combat

Interoperability with the French ecosystem

Interoperability with allied countries

Atos is delivering the SCORPION program’s command and control system, SICS, to the French defense procurement agency (DGA).

The deployment of SICS in all units is led by the French Army. In addition, Atos will develop functionally enhanced versions of SICS that extend collaborative combat, as well as maintain the entire system in operational condition over the coming years.

The press release “SICS, at the heart of SCORPION” >

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