Cognitive Robotics Automation Consulting

Automate your business processes with cognitive robotics to boost productivity, quality and speed results while reducing cost and risk.

In every sector of industry, there are thousands of workers who spend hours every day manually executing repetitive and predictable processes. These demand full automation. Free employees for more rewarding and productive activity by adopting software robots.

As experts in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Atos will guide you through the practical evaluation and adoption of these powerful new technologies.

Atos RPA solutions are completely technology-agnostic. This means you can adopt them without making any changes to existing systems wherever employees are currently managing rule-based processes manually.

From initial consultancy, through to full implementation, your RPA engagement with Atos will typically be completed within eight weeks for key processes. These are then delivered as a managed service, eliminating the need to acquire in-house technology platforms and IT expertise.

Allowing software to execute software will reduce error, leaving people to do what people do best.

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Why choose Atos for Robotic Process Automation?

Atos will guide you every step of the way for success in Robotic Process Automation. We give you a both a new digital workforce and the end-to-end operational model.

As business technologists, we will cover every angle, from achieving staff acceptance to implementing powerful analytics.


Clear Proof-of-Value

Our consultants will work with you to build a solid business case for RPA. We use lean best practices and automation operations diagnostics to identify target processes that will deliver RPA payback in the short term.

Rapid implementation

The robust Atos RPA platform means that these business-changing initiatives can be executed rapidly with pilot projects proving immediate value and ability to scale, at minimum cost and risk. We’ll encourage aggressive targets too – with pilot implementations in weeks not months.

Putting people first

Every successful RPA implementation needs to be accepted by your workforce. We will work with you to ensure effective change management and communication programs – the foundation of success with employees.

Managing your robots

As you adopt RPA, you need to monitor and supervise your robot workforce just as you do with your actual employees. Atos will ensure you have the tools and practices needed to optimize the performance of your new virtual workers.

Atos End-to-End Consulting Approach to Automation and Robotics

Atos Automation and Robotics Consulting is to help our clients reduce operating costs and to release talented people to add value elsewhere in the organisation. That’s why the Atos solution is business case driven, proves value early, addresses the human factors, is asset supported and comes as a managed service.

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