Cognitive Robotic Automation Solutions

As digital becomes your primary channel for customer contact, isn’t it time to take advantage of new cognitive technologies?

While almost 70% of smartphone owners now use voice assistants to search for information and launch apps. It’s now time to ask our virtual assistants to do much more.

With the Atos Virtual Assistant (AVA), we offer the means to radically improve digital customer contact using advanced cognitive and robotics technologies.

AVA allows you to offer instant, round-the-clock response to both spoken and written customer enquiries.

By automating between 40-80% of customer requests, you raise the quality of client satisfaction while radically reducing the cost of routine request management.

Learning from every interaction, the harder AVA works, the better it gets. And where personal contact adds real value, you can switch seamlessly to local-language, agent-assisted contact.

AVA exploits cognitive technologies including OCR, image recognition, and SMS texting in back-office operations using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies for business and IT process operation.

78-92% positive user feedback

Why choose the Atos Virtual Assistant?

Atos Virtual Assistant combined with Automation and Robotics can transform e.g. customer services into a “zero-touch” digital self-services around the clock service for end users and help saving time and money.
With AVA, you will meet the service expectations of increasingly sophisticated customers, while driving down operational cost and complexity.

Because AVA is self-learning, you will also benefit from a continually growing resource of valuable customer information.


Combine automated and assisted response to deliver the best in customer service with integrated chat for a more personal engagement.


Self-service analytics make the way in which every contact adds to the actionable customer intelligence transparent. This is essential for customer satisfaction and innovative service development.

Robotic Automation

Achieve fully automated first time resolution rates on 40-80% of all service requests by combining knowledge automation with robotic process automation for standard business processes.

Local Langauages

Natural language engagement in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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