The Atos Workplace as a Service offering includes both the deployment project as well as the on-going service management. The deployment project covers the implementation of Google Workspace, data migration and change management.

The workplace management focus on the user experience of the workplace while keeping your data secure according your security policies. The management services of Atos are measured according to the agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the eXperience Level Agreement (XLA).

Project Approach

The project approach itself has 3 main phases. At the start of the project the workstreams are started for the Technical Configuration, Change Management, Support Management and alignment with the business. When the environment and planning is ready, the second phase is started to deploy the new workplace. This includes the data migration and change management. The success of the transformation is measured as part of the XLA. After the deployment phase, the Google Workspace service management phase starts based on agreed KPIs for the ongoing employee workplace experience and Google Workspace adoption.

Google Workspace setup service

The setup service consists of the technical integration of Google Workspace with the current IT infrastructure and systems and a digital transformation plan for adopting new practices, new behaviors, information governance and new user experience.

The setup service covers the following workshop topics.

Identity management

Access management

Data security & privacy

Mail flow configuration

Collaboration & communication

Coexistence and migration

Network configuration

Endpoint & device management

Service management: Google Workspace service configuration

Service operations: ITIL processes

Atos follows a 3 step approach (assess, design, build) to setup the workplace. This approach ensures a comprehensive approach while keeping a short setup time.

Google Workspace migration service

The journey to a cloud based workplace includes data migration and user migration. Atos provides a full set of data migration services to fully move to the cloud. The default migration services include the personal mail, calendar and contact migration of 18 months of data including personal files on OneDrive as well.

Each migration consists of 3 steps: Analyze, Migrate data, Verify data.

This data migration approach ensures you have migrated your valuable content and can decommission the legacy systems to ensure cost savings.

Atos performs the following optional migration services;

  • Migration of on premise Exchange or Lotus Notes
  • File servers personal data & group data migration
  • Migration factory approach for macros in MS-Office and applications like MS-Access
  • Content migration of Document Management Systems

The result after migration is that all data is easy to manage (for IT), easy to use/find (for users), and improves compliance & productivity (for the organisation).

As part of the on-boarding of any user in the workplace, Atos has developed tooling to send the new users information automatically. This ensures that the user understands the capabilities, policies and processes around the workplace.

Google Workspace service management

Atos has developed a unique set of services and tools to make a success of the Workplace Experience. The Atos success management services for the Google Workspace include:

Consulting & Systems Integration

Ongoing tips & tricks and advice from our experts towards the targeted audience

Google Workspace add-on to easily communicate the relevant items to the user

Creation of a number of polls/surveys and quizzes to measure the user perception, education and experience of the workplace

Domain dashboard for Service management, Usage reporting, Collaboration analyses, Security monitoring and User experience

Planning & management for Google updates to Google Workspace and Chrome


For onboarding we set user preference settings, remove any clutter in the inbox andinvite applicable users to be nominated as part of the Google Guru community. New users automatically get 10 tips during their initial working days.


Employees have a Workplace Engagement tool for personal tips, best practices and quizzes. The Guru Group can participate in webinars. The workplace owner receives in depth reporting about the Workplace Experience.


If employees leave the company they are reminded about content policies. Before account deletion content policies are executed to prevent orphan content of empty groups.

eXperience Level Agreement (XLA)

To ensure a clear focus on employee workplace experience, the workplace transformation and management contract is based on an eXperience Level Agreement (XLA). The Atos XLA for Google Workspace puts focus on the employee experiences, combining both Technical and Human metric.

During the project phase, a Transition score is created which measures the user experience during the transition to Google Workspace. The score is based on people’s perception and real data like support tickets, migration errors, training attendance and communication statistics.

After the transition phase, the Adoption and Effectivity scores are used. The Adoption score measures the adoption of the Workspace tools. Atos collects the user’s perception by using polls about how users experience their Google Workspace tools. Platform data like how many users are active on Google Workspace services, creates the Adoption score. The Effectivity score measures how effective the users are with the Google Workspace tools. For this, the user’s way of working is queried in polls and combined with platform data to provide an insight into aspects like how effective people are at collaborating on Google Drive.

On a monthly basis the employee workplace experience is reported, supporting a data driven change approach.

Atos offers Google Workspace success management in 3 flavours

1. Foundation

The foundation service includes a 24×7 chatbot that is trained to answer workplace related questions. Also a call-me-back service is offered to ask for online support at a specific time slot.

2. Advanced

The advanced service adds the ability for employees to directly chat or call the service desk. The support desk is available 10 hours a day, 5 days a week to provide support in English. Additional options are available on request.

3. Enterprise

The enterprise service adds the ability to have a local smartbar or smartlocker at the office location. The smartlocker has multiple use-cases including the ability to quickly change a malfunctioning device for a new device.

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Google Workspace & Office 365 coexistence overview

In collaboration with Google, Atos has created a joint whitepaper on Google Workspace coexistence with Office 365. The whitepaper covers the experiences of Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 users collaborating within the same company. The document provided user scenarios from the Google Workspace perspective, and includes technical references to the official documentation.

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