Managed Digital Video Surveillance

One dynamic digital view across your entire surveillance landscape

Surveillance is evolving beyond recognition

Smart organizations are increasingly rejecting slow analogue surveillance systems and embracing transformative new digital approaches. From IP-empowered cameras to centralized storage, digitization frees organizations to cost-effectively capture data once and re-use it many times to gather real-time insights and long-term value.

Until now, going digital has meant negotiating a raft of contracts between security, storage and data center vendors and forging complex IT strategies. But Atos, EMC and local security providers, such as Chubb in the UK, have come together to deliver the only end-to-end Managed Digital Video Surveillance service spanning consult, design, build and operate.

One powerful new way to secure, monitor and manage your world

Managed Digital Video Surveillance is a groundbreaking new end-to-end approach – from the leaders in system outsourcing, smart storage, information security and video surveillance. It gives you one dynamic surveillance approach across your security landscape.

Why Atos?

Globally trusted solution integration, infrastructure/data center hosting and service management.

Why EMC?

Market-leading scalable infrastructure for safe, reliable data storage.

Why a local security provider?

Local security credibility and accreditation as well as experience in selecting and deploying the best surveillance hardware.

The Managed Digital Video Surveillance service provides everything you need for a best-in-class surveillance and security solution. Industry-leading cameras, analytics software and high-performance big data servers, all delivered via a professional managed service.

One easy point of contact

Gain all the best practice expertise, scale and experience of the industry leaders in system outsourcing, smart storage, information security and video surveillance – without the management complexity and expense.

Stay current as the world moves ahead, always embracing future innovation.

Get one team with many dedicated specialists. One view from any device or location. One digital data feed with infinite ways to analyze, exploit and monetize it.

Safeguarding citizens

One complete approach to safeguarding citizens

Security anxieties have never been greater for those charged with protecting our borders, towns and cities. One the one hand, terrorist threats keep growing and morphing. On the other, many successful new ‘safe city’ schemes have been created, joining up digital surveillance in smart new ways to successfully combat crime and safeguard citizen safety.

Looking for a better way to plan, manage and innovate with surveillance? The Atos Managed Digital Video Surveillance service is the answer.

Get results quicker

Slash the time spent manually looking through backlogs of video footage seeking evidence and cross-checking to build a comprehensive picture.

Embrace innovation

Complement public space safety systems with innovations such as Body Worn Video technology for police and security teams.

Stay secure and compliant

Manage evidential video and associated statement material with storage that is tamper-proof and secure your future with enterprise-grade secure private cloud.

Atos is delivering a new Smart Cities agenda through our strategic MyCity solution range. This empowers governments and citizens to work together, creating user-friendly, accessible services that deliver safer, more secure cities while reducing service costs.

Securing public sites

One powerful way to secure public sites

How do you make public, high footfall environments both accessible and secure– and monetize surveillance data to deliver scaled pricing models and make security investments quickly pay for themselves?

The Atos Managed Digital Video Surveillance service can help you keep your customers, students, patients and workforce safe, creating inviting and welcoming public environments that offer the peace of mind that comes with iron-clad, real-time security and surveillance.

Always safe

Keep campuses and hospitals accessible and secure, around the clock.

Monetize data

Use smart analytics to monitor retail footfall on your property, helping you charge tenants appropriate rates for the best sites.

Protecting transport network

One simple journey to transport

Atos can help you create smarter, safer, better-connected transport

services – effortlessly and without missing a single threat. From anti-terror surveillance across networks and buildings and monitoring people movement to rapid response through fast image analysis, our Managed Digital Video Surveillance service is the smart way forward.

State of the art anti-terror capabilities

Join up surveillance efforts and quickly analyze data to deliver timely monitoring and surveillance across your security landscape.

Service continuity

Deliver fast incident clarity and resolution to prevent long network or terminal shut downs.

Securing finance

One robust route to secure finance

Finance is more highly regulated and exposed to threats from both outside the establishment and from within than ever before. At the same time, the industry is increasingly heavily regulated and needing to safeguard sensitive customer information, secure transactions and prevent rogue trading.
Our Managed Digital Video Surveillance service gives you a state of the art service you can customize to your needs and bank on to deliver.

Anti-fraud and trader tracking

Put systems in place that let allow sensitive employee activity to be discreetly monitored to ensure compliance and fair play.

Video-enabled ATMs

Deploy next-generation digital video ATM technology to safeguard customers and deliver a joined up surveillance strategy.

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