Hybrid Azure Cloud


Maximize the business value of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has rapidly gained traction as the preferred public cloud platform across many public and private sector enterprises. By combining Azure and the Windows Azure Pack, you can implement highly flexible and scalable Microsoft Cloud services using both public and private clouds.

With the launch of Azure Stack, you can now deliver and manage Azure Services from your own datacenters.  This gives you the benefits of Azure whilst meeting legal or technical demands for in-country hosting.

With our Hybrid Azure Cloud services, Atos guides you through decision-making and expert adoption. We present the options clearly, and then design and deliver the right cloud model for your business.

With Atos Hybrid Azure Cloud services, you will increase agility, control and scalability without compromising on compliance or security.

We manage the co-existence of multiple cloud contracts within your enterprise, giving you the broadest choice of cloud platforms.

By making Atos your Azure service partner, you gain a single point of contract management.  This means clear understanding of cost and usage across all cloud services.

Even more importantly, it gives you the controlled agility needed to ensure that a complex mix of cloud resources delivers business value within tightly managed security and compliance practices.

“For both cloud-native and traditional applications running in cloud, over 70% of enterprises have made Windows the default platform.”

Source: Gartner

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