SkyMon CID – Carrier ID Detection

Identify interference and improve signal integrity

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SkyMon CID (Carrier ID Detection)

Your swift solution to satellite interference

SkyMon CID (Carrier ID detection) is the solution that rapidly pinpoints the owner of an interference signal. It therefore plays an important part in identifying and reducing sources of interference.

By creating unique identification numbers, interferences can be reliably detected and recognized in each carrier. Thanks to accelerated identification of unauthorized or inaccurately configured transmissions, Carrier ID is a significant measure for improving signal integrity.

The challenge

Satellite operators and service providers follow a strict business model: They provide transmission capacity at a defined signal quality. Since satellite technology has begun to play a major role in global communications, however, more and more satellites have been deployed in orbit, increasing the amount of interference and reducing the quality of service.

What’s more, only 30 to 40 percent of all satellite interference issues are resolved in a timely manner. While potential acts of terrorism, political unrest, and censorship can also cause interference, the majority of incidents are unintentional. Nonetheless, they all can lead to potential damage claims and the risk of losing customers who demand the highest level of service quality as promised in their service agreements.

As a result, interference can have a significant financial impact on both satellite operators and users: With interference on a transponder, revenue is lost due to the reduction of usable bandwidth and power capacity.

To avoid these difficulties, satellite operators and service providers spend a considerable amount of time and money on attempts to reduce interference. They invest in high-value tools like geolocation systems or subscribe to geolocation services, and they also dedicate personnel to identifying and reducing sources of interference.

The solution

Developed for immediate action
To find a solution to this challenge, the industry-wide Satellite Interference Reduction Group (sIRG) has suggested a mandate that by January 1, 2015, all new transmission equipment will have Carrier ID capability. Carrier ID is a technology developed to guarantee immediate identification of the source of satellite signals. It creates unique identification numbers that can be reliably detected and recognized in each carrier. By accelerating the identification of unauthorized or inaccurately configured transmissions, Carrier ID is a significant measure for improving signal integrity.

An integrated solution
We have expanded our state-of-the-art satellite monitoring system SkyMon with Carrier ID detection functionality. Along with the geolocation systems SkyMon ILS and SkyMon ILS ONE, SkyMon CID marks another major step toward a comprehensive toolset for addressing and neutralizing satellite interference. What’s more, SkyMon CID is fully integrated into Atos’ skyMon carrier monitoring system.

The fastest system available
SkyMon CID doesn’t just eliminate the need for investments in specialized hardware like additional demodulators. It is also the fastest system on the market to recognize Carrier ID, by far exceeding the capabilities of third-party demodulators. Carrier ID can also be detected using the standard SkyMon carrier monitoring functionality. Operators can thus resolve transmission issues much more quickly from the outset, saving both time and money in the process.

Improved quality for your satellite communications
As an integrated part of the SkyMon carrier monitoring system, SkyMon CID requires no hardware investment. It provides regular monitoring of Carrier ID during line-up and scheduled measurements, and allows you to significantly reduce the time required to identify and resolve sources of interference. This improves your service and reduces the amount of capital and operational expenses related to interference.

Swift peace of mind for operators
By introducing unique identification numbers for satellite signals, SkyMon CID puts an end to the growing number of interference issues in satellite communications. Whereas today most cases of signal interference remain unresolved, SkyMon CID helps to rapidly detect the origin of the interfering signal. This helps to resolve transmission issues much more quickly, and saves operators both time and money as they continue to deliver the optimized service their customers
have come to expect from them.

The benefits

Your benefits at a glance:

SkyMon CID is:

  • just another carrier parameter
  • part of regular monitoring
  • checked with every line-up
  • store in the database
  • included in every report

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