Accelerate innovation and research with “BURA”, a supercomputer from Bull – Case Study

The University of Rijeka takes a leap to join the 50 top research institutions in the world

Named after a very strong and gusty wind, which reaches its maximum strength when touching the Adriatic coast, BURA is the most powerful supercomputer in the Adriatic region. It provides students and scientists of the University of Rijeka with extraordinary opportunities for further education, biotechnological research, and scientific work.

The context – A dynamic development

Beyond its natural role in higher education and research, the University of Rijeka firmly believes that its development is closely linked to its openness to society and to the world. The University encourages international collaborations in all shapes and forms, through exchanges and joint research projects with more than 80 organizations worldwide. The University is dedicated to transferring the latest information technologies and up-to-date knowledge into the business sector and the local community, with the aim of ensuring the transition of the region into a knowledge-based society.

The challenge – To serve a large eco-system

The BURA supercomputer is used in biotechnological and biomedical research, nano-science, civil engineering and natural sciences. In addition, it is expected that the supercomputer will be available for institutions and companies from abroad who have already expressed their interest, in the field of business and local government.

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Accelerate Innovation and Research with BURA from Bull – Case Study

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