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Welcome to the product offers pages of Atos in Cybersecurity, Defense & Mission Critical, Enterprise servers, HPC and Integrated Systems. 

With more than 80 years of technology innovation expertise, the brand Bull is the hub of technology development at the heart of the Atos Business Technologist family.

Cyber Security

As the technology product and software brand of Atos, Bull the European Cyber Security expert provides a large range of products address requirements right up to “defense confidential” level. Developed in Europe and complying with the upmost demanding norms and regulations, Bull’s Cyber Security products have been designed to integrate seamlessly with your overall information systems protection policies.

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Defense & Mission Critical

Atos delivers products and solutions to ensure the success of critical missions on the ground. By delivering information flows between personnel at all levels, Atos systems enable fast and relevant decisions. Every day, Atos end-to-end solutions provides military forces and homeland security personnel with integrated sensors, secure communications as well as command and control.

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Enterprise servers

Data centers are at the heart of the digitalization and enterprise servers will be it’s main engine. Atos poposes Bull products to provide processing power either on critical legacy systems with BullSequana M series or enterprise x86 servers with BullSequana S and Bullion. To accelerate and secure deployements, integrated systems are engineered, validated and certified. They’re  specialized in business acceleration (like SAP HANA® and Real time analytics for finance), IT modernization (like Data base by Bullion ), security  or as building blocks to deploy technology (in a cloud approach or the javabooster by Bullion). They are core components of a cloud or DevOps approach and are sided with practices, tools and experts for instance IT modernization.

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High Performance Computing (HPC)

Reach ultimate performance for exceptional outcomes with Bull high performance computing (HPC) technologies. From fundamental physics to meteo or automotive engineering, HPC boosts innovation everywhere. Leveraging the expertise acquired while developping some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, Atos offers a wide array of HPC products,  solutions, and product-related services.

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Integrated Systems

To speed up digitalization adoption on customer premises, Bull engineered different systems that have in common pre-integration, validation and possibly certification to shorten the “time to market” with a one stop shop and support for simplified operations.

They leverage bullion superior performance and exceptional scalability to preserve and optimize investments over all products lifecycle.

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Data Center Applications & Transformation

Digital transformation opens up unprecedented possibilities to organizations when it comes to creating value. In order to take full advantage of it, agility, security and performance of their IT must be maximum.

Atos answers these challenges by providing businesses with solutions to modernize their IT (with Atos Liber software suite to facilitate the re- platforming of legacy applications), to accelerate applications lifecycle (with alien4cloud collaborative software suite for DevOps).

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