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Storage for High Performance Computing

At the confluence of HPC and Big Data

With ever increasing volumes of data created by new sources of information in our connected world, managing Petabytes of data has proven to be a real challenge. Leveraging our long-standing and successful experience in implementing massive data management solutions based on multiple technologies, Atos now proposes not only tailored solutions, but also Bull Director for HPSS, the first component of a range of Bull software dedicated to storage for high performance computing.

Better efficiency to access data

Atos’s new BullSequana I/O instrumentation & FastIOLibrairies modules are intended to reduce the execution time of HPC workloads relying on heavy data access.

BullSequana IOInstrumentation displays and classifies performance and duration of all data access occurring during an application run. Developers and system administrators can afterwards take benefit of these precious informations to improve their platform’s workloads.

BullSequana FastIOLibraries transparently catches the I/O system calls to smartly reorganize them and then reduce the execution time of the applications.

Extreme Data

Hierarchical Storage Management

As data sets with hundreds of terabytes or many petabytes of data become increasingly common-place, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) becomes a cornerstone of successful intensive data management systems. HSM is a data storage technique that automatically moves data between high-performance / high-cost storage devices and low-end / low-cost but more capacitive storage devices. To optimize costs, HSM systems store the bulk of data on slow, economical devices such as robotic tape libraries, and copy data to faster disk drives whenever they are needed for processing.
HPSS (High Performance Storage System) is an HSM system born from a Collaboration between IBM Global Business Services and 5 American DOE laboratories, augmented lately by the French CEA/DAM. Atos has a long experience of implementing HPSS in challenging environments where long-term data preservation and re-use of massive data sets are key.

Bull extreme data products

Bull Director for HPSS: improve HPSS performance the smarter way

Atos developed Bull Director for HPSS to remove some HPSS bottlenecks.

Bull Director for HPSS is an add-on to this HSM. It improves the global performance of HPSS for tape libraries, in an environment with many concurrent access requests, by grouping simultaneous requests from different users in real time.

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