Homeland Security

Protect people and assets

Protection of people and assets

Facing new threats, society has to rethink information use to guarantee safety. From identity protection to command and control centers and emergency management, Atos provides a full range of global security solutions

Border control

A sovereign state is responsible for the safety and security of its citizens. In particular, it protects them against organised crime, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Passenger safety must also be protected at borders themselves, such as in airports. It is important for citizens to have confidence in the state, for services to be available and for citizens to feel they are living in a safe country.

VIGIA border monitoring

Checkpoint control

Authorities need to react efficiently when unauthorized pedestrians and vehicles attempt to cross protected checkpoints. At the same time they must ensure a smooth flow of people and goods in high-traffic area.

Centinela checkpoint control

Emergency management

Emergency services receive many calls each day and lives depend on the speed and effectiveness of their response. When lives are at stake, you need an integrated solution capable of bringing together data, people and resources smoothly and quickly to manage complex situations.

Emergency management

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