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Intelligent Collaboration

Benefit from mobile, real-time collaboration

Digital Workplace

Enhance employee and team productivity Empowerment: Make your employees more agile, more productive, more engaged Security: Protect your organization, data and people Productivity: Create a productive workplace on a global scale Innovation: Unlock the power of individuals through innovative technologies Collaboration reimagined Imagine your employee experience. Now reimagine it with colleagues…

Experience Design and Adoption

Designing a workplace that drives engagement

Digital Workplace

Drive overall business performance with improved employee engagement while reducing churn and improving sales

Employee Experience Accelerators

Empower employees for superior performance

Digital Workplace

Turn a daily grind into an engaging experience Inclusion: Accessible and assistive digital tools empower everyone Engagement: 70% of business leaders see employee engagement as critical to results Sales: Engaged teams sell 20% more Performance: Superior Employee Experience (EX) directly correlates to increased revenue Empowering employees, one desktop at a time Your…

Digital Workplace Platform

Empower employees while maintaining the highest levels of security

Digital Workplace

Set a new management style with a digital strategy for BYOD and mobility Experience-driven: Consistent user experience to deliver true business valuen Secure and easy: Frictionless and secure access to all your apps and data Risk-sharing: Clear, measurable KPIs in our eXperience-Level Agreements (XLAs) Availability: Around-the-clock…

Proactive Employee Experience

Measuring and improving end-user experience

Digital Workplace

Understand, manage, and improve the employee experience through a data-driven approach

Intelligent Care Center

Real-time intelligent care

Digital Workplace

Free your employees to focus on the bottom line Increase productivity: Effective self-help and more intuitive contact channels Delight the user: CSAT measurement and follow-up improve UX Omnichannel: Multichannel integrated support fits user needs and preferences End to end: User journey analytics reduce tickets and refine service quality Real-time intelligent care A new generation…

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