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Greenfield Build Accelerator

Accelerate plant construction with new digital tools


Build new power plants and equipment for less time and money Digital design efficiencies: Faster error detection during design Quality, safety and reliability: More accurate and consistent data reaching digital control systems 50-year longevity: Keep technologies current throughout plant lifetime 40% higher productivity: Optimized supply chain and PLM processes…

Next Generation OT/IT Infrastructure

Accelerate strategic ambitions with intelligent networks


Upgrade to secure critical infrastructure to exploit Industry 4.0

Logistics Operations Services

Accelerate the development and competitiveness of logistics operators

Transport & Logistics

Improve your operational efficiency with a complete set of solutions and services to harness the business benefits from real-time data and insight

Smart Revenue Services

Better engage with customers and prosumers


Create sustainable revenue growth with services for smart mobility, apps, subscriptions, smart homes, and end-to-end process integration

Transport Passenger Experience

Boost customer intimacy and generate new revenue streams

Transport & Logistics

Provide a seamless passenger experience Clarity: Keep passengers informed, increasing satisfaction & loyalty Reliability: Reduce the impact of disruptions & financial penalties Business value: Generate business value via an integrated ecosystem Passenger welfare: Improve passenger safety and security Ensuring seamless passenger experience across multi-modal transport How do you…

Smart Operations & Maintenance

Delivering smart and safe operations and maintenance through digital


Increase asset lifetime and plant performance Reduce downtime: Provide early warning of future faults to increase asset reliability Optimize production: Use connected intelligence to improve energy efficiency, heat rate and load factor Ensure business continuity: Capitalize on knowledge transfer Security: Secure systems and critical infrastructures Reduce…

Smart Operations and Networks

Empower sustainable water networks for future generations


Exploit sensing, communications and AI innovation to optimize operations and networks

Grid Management

Ensure grid operations are reliable, safe, secure and flexible


Modernize and optimize utility operations for grid stability, reliability, safety and security

Omni-channel customer experience for retail

Improve customer experience across all touchpoints


Omni-channel customer experience for retail

Postal and Logistics Sorting Operations

Reduce sortation costs and increase agility for a rapidly changing eCommerce world

Transport & Logistics

Our digital solutions and platforms increase efficiency in postal sorting operations with powerful automation and data-capture tools

Accelerating the energy transition to low carbon

Shaping the new energy world


Making Renewable Energy more affordable Monitoring large installed bases of IoT devices: Optimized operation through 1 platform for 50,000 assets (windmills, solar panels…) Increasing data quality: Decreasing by -4% false positive in digital twin Minimize disruption: 10% reduction in operating costs thanks to 20% faster response times Extend asset life: 50% less…

Transport Infrastructure Operations

Support intelligence and security of transport infrastructure

Transport & Logistics

Boost operating excellence while increasing safety and security in transport infrastructure for roads, rail, stations, airports and harbors

Digital Oilfield

Supporting Oil & Gas companies’ transition and transformation journey while increasing efficiency


Supporting Oil & Gas companies in their transition and transformation journey while also increasing efficiency

Retail Supply and Delivery Chain Management

Sustainably increase transparency and efficiency in the supply and delivery chains


Increased visibility and reliability in your supply and delivery chains Customer experience: Cultivate brand loyalty and profitability Reliability: 25% more on-time, in-full deliveries Cost control: 30% less inventory to free-up working capital Risk management: 40% fewer delivery disruptions Retail Supply and Delivery Chain…

Retail in-store digitalization

Transform retail experiences with next-generation innovation


Platforms and marketplaces enable retailers to analyze and leverage customer data for new services and streamlined processes, and to improve operational excellence and customer service

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