Ubiquitous Customer Engagement

Transform retail experiences with next-generation innovation

Retail in-store digitalization

Improve in-store operations and customer experience


Deliver new, personalized services using customer data


Gain efficiencies and flexibility

Operational excellence:

Streamline operations and business processes

Data protection:

Strengthen data security

Improve store operations and customer experiences

With best-of-breed IoT, AI and analytics capabilities, Atos empowers retailers to enhance their in-store shopping experiences. Bring digital innovations to your stores and see how they improve operations and efficiencies. Whether you are transforming specific operations or fully automating your store, Atos is your partner.

Connected Inventory (coolers)

Our Connected Inventory solution monitors images of the inventory to optimize stock replenishment and on-shelf sales space. It tracks metrics such as temperature, humidity, power consumption, and overall inventory health to enable predictive maintenance that reduces costs and downtime.

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Intelligent Edge Store

Intelligent Edge Store helps retailers optimize their shelf management through smart cameras that scan the shelves. This data is collected and analyzed to prevent shrinkage, out-of-stock items and much more.

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Shelf Monitoring and Out-of-Stock Detection

Digital shelf monitoring detects stock-outs or product misplacement in real time using geolocated smart labels and in-store security cameras. This information then appears on a digital store map (realogram) that shows the corrective measures to be taken by store managers to ensure on-shelf availability (planogram). Automatic stock-out detection improves on-shelf availability.

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Autonomous Stores

The Autonomous Stores solution opens new retail channels with unmanned and self-operating points of sale that leverage innovative technologies and reduce operating costs while improving customer loyalty and experiences.

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Client Story

Coca-Cola HBC turns cooler data into business value

Coca Cola HBC connected its coolers to an end-to-end asset ecosystem provided as a service by Atos. With this foundation, CCHBC maximizes sales and manages and tracks inventory and machines. All while providing a unique customer experience that builds brand loyalty.

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Atos connected cooler

Do you know where your coolers are? How are their utilization and performance? See how to digitally engage with consumers and partners to add value for everyone.

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Stay cool and connected, by Felix Weindel. Sales up, costs down and focus on the consumer.

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