Transform media operations across the broadcast chain

Media Vertical Solutions

Optimize operations, deliver dynamic media experiences


Optimize workflows with powerful automation


Flex production resources whenever and wherever they’re needed


Leverage scalability, security, and transparency


Expedite support needs with digital broadcast and media experts

Re-imagine broadcast operations

Today’s media industry is complex and multifaceted. Anywhere, on-demand access to content in the most desired format is putting pressure on providers and creators to adapt as channels and platforms multiply and choices continue to grow. Atos believes this is where opportunities exist.

Understanding our clients’ ambitions, Atos helps the world’s leading media organizations adapt and transform, using our more than 20 years’ experience in the digital landscape. Through our Vertical Media Solutions, we help design the digital journey, address and resolve challenges, and lay a foundation for growth.

Branch-in-a-Box and Remote Production

Create more immersive experiences from on-site content development, with secure, robust editing from anywhere in the world. And do it cost effectively, with automated cloud egress cost mitigation from real-time analytical assessment and adaptation, all while meeting deployment strategies with private, public or hybrid architecture options, that you can manage or outsource to Atos.

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Infrastructure Predictive Maintenance

Predict the likelihood of future failures that could impact business operations through our high-speed streaming data analytics platform.

Data passes through multiple artificial intelligence (AI) models to alert engineers of downtime, up to 30 days in advance.

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Media Enterprise and Solution Architecture

In the cloud or in the data center, virtualized or dedicated, Atos specialized solution architects understand the mission-critical needs of media and entertainment organizations and architect resilient digital landscapes that support flexibility while controlling costs.

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Broadcast Distribution Solution

Encoding and distribution has been at the heart of broadcasting for years. Even with significant disruption from on-demand and streaming technology, the fundamental need for robust, secure solutions remains constant. Atos builds resilient and flexible Broadcast Distribution Solutions for the most demanding clients.

Media Infrastructure Platforms

Years of experience in developing media solutions to support every step of the broadcast chain means Atos brings unique value and perspective in helping define the right infrastructure solution for media organizations, whether on premises or in the cloud.

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Media Cloud Storage Migration

Deciding what to store in the cloud and what to keep on premises is no easy task. Ease of access, cost benefits, and latency are areas to be considered and this is where Atos years of experience in digital media workflow solutions development and cloud transformation can help.

Client Story

BBC Cymru Wales

BBC Cymru Wales needed to adopt digital tools for new ways of working and broadcasting. Atos delivered a new network that provided an IT backbone for the integration of audiovisual (AV) systems and tools.

BBC Cymru Wales now enjoys the bandwidth, capacity and flexibility for new forms of content and to cut carbon emissions by 24% by 2022.


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Client Story

ITV Daytime

With packed programming and mixed-format live TV pressure, ITV Daytime relies on Atos BNCS+ for transmissions to millions of viewers.

ITV confidently makes hundreds of rapid switches between 40-50 multi-viewers, 400 sources and 400 destinations from a resilient distributed architecture, so there’s no single point of failure – critical for live TV.


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Broadcast Network Control System brochure

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