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Take your satellite testing to the next level

Comprehensive Satellite Testing

Take your satellite testing to the next level


Reduced costs, risk and footprint

Fully automated:

Enabled a remotely controlled software-defined solution

Flexibility and scalability:

Adapt easily for your specific mission


Save up to 50% of the weight and up to 90% of energy

Adopting a state-of-the-art, integrated and proven testing solution

Operating a satellite is a lot like skydiving. Perfect preparation is the key to success because once it is spaceborne, every mistake is very serious.

It is, therefore, absolutely essential that you test your satellite’s vital systems; you can lose extremely large investments in a matter of seconds.

The Atos Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) uses industry-leading, independent testing equipment to check your space investment. You can be confident that your space investment is safe during its entire lifespan in orbit, giving you total peace of mind.

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

Atos EGSE end-to-end services ensure your space investment is safe during its entire lifespan in orbit:

  • Fully digital testing and simulation solutions,
  • Tests radio frequency subsystems, navigation instruments and electrical power supply,
  • Cyber secured by design,
  • For a complete satellite or an individual satellite subsystem,
  • For earth observation, navigation, telecom and science missions.

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Data analytics, AI and machine learning for EGSE

Our machine learning and analytics tools provide useful predictions based on the available data. Leverage the analytics to make your project more competitive. Maximize the use of your valuable resources by reducing the amount of time they spend developing, training and debugging.

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Client Story

OneWeb satellites

AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY), the largest primary and specialty care practice in the New York area, was the first to run an Epic EHR system with more powerful Bull servers — while creating a separate Epic environment for an acquired practice. Read how Atos supported ACPNY to migrate their Epic data contained on over 400 servers to the Atos Bull services, resulting in improved performance speed and a 20% reduction in IT costs.

Phase 1 of OneWeb’s mission to launch more than 600 satellites and deliver affordable internet access globally has reached the halfway mark. Mass-manufacturing on-time and quality delivery capabilities from Atos are supporting this mega-constellation project. Atos test equipment has significantly reduced the environmental footprint of the process.

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Get ready for mega-constellation satellite testing

Save time and effort in validating electrical interfaces on the launcher prior to the integration of the satellites.

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Solar Orbiter: The challenges of space exploration

Discover the main challenges behind the Solar Orbiter mission.
By Hans-Martin Steiner

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