Unified Communications and Collaboration

Take command with resilient, powerful communication control

Mission-Critical Communication Solutions

Know you can always connect, when it really counts


Carrier-grade, secure, compliant communication infrastructure at scale

A native multi-channel platform:

For all communication types including voice, data, text, video, radio

End-to-end care:

24/7/365 remote monitoring and response


Proven service and solution outcomes in vertical industries around the globe

Reliable communication at scale

When you need to connect, your communication solution should always be ready. Whether from your desk, on campus or on the go, time-critical communication situations need 100% reliability and trust.

Atos provides mission-critical communications solutions that are resilient, reliable, secure and easy to use. So you can keep up with today’s digitally transformed multi-channel input sources beyond voice — including video, data, drones, robots and sensors.

Virtual Care Services

  • Digital e-consulting solution
  • Digital patient journey
  • Hospital workflow automation
  • Asset localization,
    utilization and tracking
  • AR/VR collaborative content
  • Remote expert collaboration

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Dispatch and Emergency Communication Orchestration

  • Powerful call handling for time-critical communication
  • Resilient infrastructure for always-on confidence
  • Open standards make your system future-proof
  • Voice, text, radio, video support and more – connect by any means

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NG911/NG112 Infrastructure

  • Next generation, end-to-end public safety call handling services and solutions
  • Improve responsiveness to natural disasters, pandemics and terrorism situations
  • Meets NENA/EENA, central and local governmental regulatory needs
  • Map to and support citizen emergency communication expectations

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Alarming and Alerting

  • Efficient and reliable crisis communication infrastructure
  • Add intelligent responsiveness into communication workflows
  • Built to work with any information communication environment
  • Seamless integration into business-critical processes

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Remote Expert Services

  • Remote support, guidance and collaboration of experts
  • Anytime, anywhere access to highly trained experts, optimizing key resource workloads
  • VR and AR tools overlay schematics and digital cues in real time

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Client Stories

Orchestration efficiency helps save lives

For Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Atos Unify improves pediatric intensive care advice and transport call management. We’ve done this by streamlining decision-making processes and transport coordination of critically ill babies, children and young people across the region. Our solution has delivered measurable value by:
  • Connecting the right doctors, nurses and specialists for the 1,600 acute referrals received each year
  • Enabling more callers within a single conference while handling multiple cases simultaneously
  • Improving logistical and clinical decision making

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Client Stories

Managed communication services bring Solvay 30% cost savings and greater freedom for its workforce

To lower total cost of ownership, chemical group Solvay upgraded to a centralized, unified communications (UC) network to replace an array of PBXs from different suppliers. With more than 400 global locations, it actively sought further savings by outsourcing the network’s management and services. Total cost of ownership dropped by 30% as a result, and the employee experience is rejuvenated with staff able to work remotely on their preferred devices.
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Client Stories

Improving patient care for better clinical outcomes

With 20 separate health institutions serving 1.6 million people, Finland’s largest hospital district, Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), chose Atos Unify for its proven mission-critical communication offers, including a dedicated solution to nurse calling optimization. Atos Unify’s modernization of the HUS communication infrastructure means:
  • Better task efficiency for nurses with personal wireless handset connections to handle patient calls
  • Improved patient care with state-of-the art bedside terminals providing entertainment choices and simple, safe connection to friends and family
  • Maintenance savings of more than 20%

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Mission-Critical Communication blogs from the Atos experts

Next Generation Emergency Services must now be resilient across many medias
by Phillip Rotheram

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Spatial computing use in manufacturing

Fully representative and interactive 3D models facilitate new ways of interaction between the physical and the digital world. From product design shops to field services, the ability to combine digital information with physical assets eases collaboration and decision-making processes.

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Staying connected when customers aren’t shopping.
By Bram Steenhoek

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