AtoZero for Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Tackle climate challenges to deliver differentiation for your business

Business Advisory

Gain reputational and competitive advantage through tackling climate change

Respond to investors:

Improve evaluation and reporting of climate related risks. CDP A-listers outperform peers on the stock markets by 5.5% annually

Improve efficiency:

Identify opportunities to innovate and drive carbon and cost efficiencies


Build a strategy that ensures business sustainability and responds to customer demands in a low carbon world

Improved performance:

Build resilience against climate change across business operations and supply chains

Guiding your business on its journey to net zero.

Organizations need to keep up with changing mindsets on climate change and net zero if they want to remain competitive and attractive to customers, investors and talents.

AtoZero is a market leading modular program, evolved over 15 years, reaching across your whole value chain, guiding your business on its journey to net zero. For all kinds of business challenges this program helps ambitious organizations tackle the climate challenges they face and to deliver valuable transformational change.

Plan for Zero – Act with Ambition

  • Understand your climate impact
  • Establish the boundaries of your net-zero program
  • Calculate your total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline

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Forecast for Zero – Act on Analysis

  • Understand the risks and opportunities of climate change
  • Answer demands from investors, stakeholders and reporting frameworks
  • Plan scenarios for business risks and opportunities
  • Include climate scenario analysis and climate risk reporting

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Measure for Zero – Act on the Data

Collecting and managing emissions data is complex. Atos can:

  • Manage your data systems to help you to monitor and report emissions data
  • Identify areas of your business that require emissions reduction
  • Set ambitious targets and map the most effective path to net zero
  • Deliver high quality climate change disclosures backed up by sound data

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Change for Zero – Act on Ideas

  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce emissions in your business operations
  • Establish internal carbon-pricing incentives
  • Offset carbon and adopt nature-based solutions
  • Understand and reduce emissions in your supply chain through engagement and procurement strategies

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Contribute to Zero – Act on Commitments

  • Contribute to sustainable development and low-carbon projects that align with your organization’s strategic ambitions
  • Sequester from the atmosphere the equivalent to any emissions you are still working to reduce
  • Develop verified offsetting projects for your broader environmental strategy

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Client Stories

Harvey Nichols cut electricity usage by 17% and gas usage by 6%

UK luxury fashion retailer Harvey Nichols’ finance and procurement teams worked with EcoAct, an Atos company, on an energy management project. They identified opportunities for significant energy and cost savings across the retail estate, and then conducted a pilot. In the first 12 months, more than 100% of Harvey Nichols’ investment was returned by the savings. The retailer reduced its carbon emissions as well as its compliance costs.


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Client Stories

NatWest Group turned energy management into an industry-leading climate commitment

NatWest wanted to enable a data-driven approach to sustainability, the backbone of which would be reliable and robust data. The financial services group’s incumbent systems and approaches relied upon spreadsheets, multiple data systems and many suppliers, which led to slow reporting and problems with data integrity. Its energy management project achieved:


  • £2.4million in savings and cost avoidance in 11 months
  • Over £1.8 million in billing-related cost avoidance
  • £128,000 of energy savings

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Find out more

Decarbonization news

EcoAct, an Atos company, launches an open-source methodology for companies that need to calculate the carbon impacts of an increasing number of employees working from home

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10th Annual Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100

Learn about the latest climate reporting trends and sustainability leader boards in this 10th anniversary edition of our research.

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CEO, EcoAct UK

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CEO – EcoAct North America

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