Retail Supply and Delivery Chains

Sustainably increase transparency and efficiency in the supply and delivery chains

Retail Supply and Delivery Chain Management

Increased visibility and reliability in your supply and delivery chains

Customer experience:

Cultivate brand loyalty and profitability


25% more on-time,
in-full deliveries

Cost control:

30% less inventory
to free-up working capital

Risk management:

40% fewer delivery disruptions

Retail Supply and Delivery Chain Management

Customers expect smooth and stress-free shopping: browse, buy, receive. Getting the right packages to the right recipients is the least you can do for them. But doing this quickly and efficiently is what really needs to happen.

Digital solutions help to manage critical supply and delivery chains end-to-end, making them transparent, compliant, sustainable and efficient. For example, AI-powered predictive capabilities enable proactive actions to avoid shipping delays and errors. And integrating ERP with supplier networks opens the full potential of your data to enhance and automate your services.

Intelligent Supply Chain

Create transparency for end-to-end supply chains of physical goods inbound, onsite and outbound. Trackable logistics, optimized routes, accurate ETAs and simulations of complex networks — these aspects of intelligent supply chains can improve your operational efficiency by 10%-20%.

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Lost Goods and Returns

Delayed, incorrect or damaged deliveries can ruin the retail customer experience. Our lost-goods intelligence platform uses data insights to:

  • Increase visibility into delivery status and performance
  • Reduce overheads related to lost goods
  • Bring predictability and efficiency to tracking your shipments.

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Client Story

Specialty Retailer

Can a 40-year-old company become a digital native? Many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are challenged by new digital competitors. Up against the digital upstarts, this North American home-improvement retailer shifted to the cloud, digitized its supply chain and mobilized sales to become a digital juggernaut. See how it accelerated time to market for new digital features by 30% and reduced maintenance costs by 50%.


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Intelligent Supply Chain Readiness Assessment

Only 6% of businesses currently have complete visibility into their supply chains. Determine the next priorities in digitizing your supply chain operations or last-mile delivery.

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