Power Generation

Shaping the new energy world

Accelerating the energy transition to low carbon

Making Renewable Energy more affordable

Monitoring large installed bases of IoT devices:

Optimized operation through 1 platform for 50,000 assets (windmills, solar panels…)

Increasing data quality:

Decreasing by -4% false positive in digital twin

Minimize disruption:

10% reduction in operating costs thanks to 20% faster response times

Extend asset life:

50% less downtime and double asset life

Simplifying complexity with digital solution

With more than 40 years’ experience in the power generation sector, Atos is part of the transformation of this sector. Starting with the development of solutions for hydropower we now support the whole renewable energy sector from R&D to fully industrialized projects.
Our scope of digital solutions covers:

  • Modeling virtual battery storage to ease load balancing
  • Sharp renewable energy forecasting production for curtailment
  • Optimizing operation and maintenance including extending remaining asset lifetime
  • Improving energy efficiency for Brownfields
  • Providing safe and secure offshore environments for on-field resources with seamless communication

Digital Twin for Renewables

The wind operators need to achieve high levels of performance from the design, roll-out, operations and decommissioning of wind farms. Our digital twin solutions enable them to reduce costs along the windmill lifecycle by modeling the turbine through a digital twin. The Digital Twin enables the prediction of any faults or maintenance issues leading to reduced operations and maintenance expenditures. This can represent up to one third of asset total cost of ownership.

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Critical Communication and Permit to Work

The efficient and safe installation and operation of offshore wind farms depends on the seamless interaction of many employees in an environment where communication is critical. Atos delivers solutions that enable:

  • Communication between offshore stakeholders
  • Marine coordination services for offshore projects
  • Permit To Work solutions to minimize risk and ensure safe offshore execution

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AI and Predictive Analytics

Matching energy supply with demand requires an increasingly complex environment particularly with a diverse mix of energy sources and networks operated at a local, national and international level. With partners, Atos develops and provides:

  • Renewable forecasting platform
  • Curtailment management
  • Trading tools
  • Control command network center
  • Generation portfolio management

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Improving Asset Availability and Operational Efficiency

Create a seamless infrastructure to collect and clean data to monitor, control and optimize assets. It includes:

  • IoT technology to collect data from IT or OT sensors using smart edge capabilities, which can be used to create algorithms based on machine learning that can anticipate and predict failures
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • What-if scenario simulation
  • Predictive maintenance

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Client Story

Mission-critical communications for Ørsted offshore wind farms in the US

Atos has been selected by Ørsted, a global leader in offshore wind farms recognized as ‘the most sustainable company in the world,’ to implement mission-critical communications solutions for a fast, secure system to aid Ørsted in its goal of delivering clean, reliable energy for the environment and local East-Coast communities in the United States.


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Find out more

Award-winning digital twin platform for windfarms

Atos and its client and partner Renom Energy LLP won the Digital Leadership Award at the Re ASSET 2020 event for their digital twin platform for renewable energy.

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Utilities blog from the Atos expert community

Why digitalizing the energy value chain is fundamental to saving our planet, by Celestino Guemes Seoane.

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