Internet of Things (IoT)

Securely deploy and manage IoT business solutions

IoT Foundation

Securely deploy and manage IoT business solutions at scale

Manage complexity:

End-to-end control across the IoT value chain

Accelerate time to market:

Drive speed of implementation

Service Management costs:

Benefit from scalable managed services

Stay secure:

Regulatory compliance and data privacy

Guidance and support to manage an IoT landscape

Developing a comprehensive device-management strategy is foundational to a successful IoT solution. We provide guidance and support to help enterprises:

  • Design secure and manageable approaches to provisioning, deployment and operating processes that can scale to tens of thousands of devices
  • Build secure, scalable solutions to support enterprise functions
  • Support multiple market use cases
  • Leverage industrialized services based on modular solutions

Provision and manage devices at scale

IoT Platforms

Our IoT platform services include:

  • Seamless and effortless end-to-end IoT platform provisioning and management
  • Ready-to-deploy preconfigured IoT solution blueprints
  • Integrated service management for seamless operational experience
  • Automated operational and administrative activities
  • Device certification management for securing connected devices

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IoT Edge

Managed IoT Edge by Atos enables full control of edge device and gateway complexities, providing:

  • Global presence and technical expertise to design, implement and connect secure, resilient edge solutions
  • Well recognized capabilities to manage complex IT environments
  • Best-in-class solutions to deliver SLA-driven edge services

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IoT Connectivity

Connectivity architectures reduce data transfer costs through aggregation, improve security and provide data continuity with minimum latency. With Atos, you can enable analytics closer to the far edge or source of data generation. We provide global presence and technical expertise to design, implement and connect secure, resilient connectivity solutions.

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IoT E2E Service Management

Our IoT E2E Service Management framework reduces the complexity of supporting IoT solutions at scale. We manage the full technology stack and partner ecosystem so you can focus on the benefits and the value they bring to your business.

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Client Story

Coca-Cola Hellenic

Coca Cola Hellenic worked with Atos to transform its consumer retail experience with increased productivity and new ways of consumer engagement. They connected coolers via sensors to a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform that harnesses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to deliver valuable insights to CCHBC.

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Protecting the Internet of Things

In terms of security, network operators are the most exposed.

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