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Establishing a decisive digital mission advantage

If you are looking to integrate and exploit digital flows critical to the future of defense, Atos can help.

Our multi-domain integration and frictionless dataflows create information advantage on land, at sea, in the air and in space and cyber domains. Mission outcomes are integrated, processes optimized, and leading-edge civilian and defense technologies and apps adopted and scaled at speed.

We also provide a central and distributed platform view of tools and systems to support effective military operations.

Healthcare Data Platform

Fully integrated and intelligent health data exploitation maximizes force deployability, from joining to discharge:

  • Proactive, predictive and pre-emptive clinical healthcare,
  • Improves patient outcomes,
  • Decision support at the frontline and along the chain of command,
  • Optimizes base and deployed medical resources,
  • Integrates with allies’ and home health services.

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Logistics Data Platform

Intelligent data exploitation, from design through manufacture, service and obsolescence:

  • Optimizes availability and performance, reducing risks to personnel,
  • Improves asset and supply management to accelerate deployment of equipment and platforms,
  • Predictive and pre-emptive maintenance with digital twin modeling creates a sustainable military advantage.

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Intelligence Data Platform

Actionable intelligence from limitless data sources maximized to counter adaptive adversaries in real time:

  • Reduces the sensor to effector cycle, enabling mission-critical decision-making,
  • Acquisition, fusion and analysis of data across silos for intelligence operations, immediate threat recognition and predictive and pre-emptive alert systems,
  • Augmented reality geospatial visualization.

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Battlespace Data Platform

Intelligent integration of all available data, provided directly to appropriate military assets and allies:

  • Delivers operational readiness through the supply chain, healthcare and cyber security,
  • Enhances decision support by giving the commander relevant and timely information at their fingertips,
  • Coordinates forces on the battlefield with reliable, resilient and secure data.

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Client Story

UK Ministry of Defence: Healthcare digitalization

The UK MOD set up Programme Cortisone to give information advantage to Defence Medical Services. Atos implemented a reusable platform using commercial off-the-shelf products. Additional services can be added with ease. Cortisone improves outcomes, maximizing the number of service personnel fit for deployment.

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Client Story

Intelligence analysis for Covid-19 response

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) needed to ingest and understand the huge volumes of Covid-19 data early in the pandemic. Atos delivered an intelligence analysis platform to the British Army. Rapidly re-purposed to ingest more than 200 real-time public and private data feeds, it enhanced situational awareness, aiding the UK’s response.

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Client Story

Asset & Product Performance Management (AMPS)

The Royal Australian Navy wanted to integrate maintenance, supply chains, inventory, data and reporting. Atos delivered the powerful AMPS Platform. Combining AMPS with historical and contextual data created a patented digital twin that reduces operating costs and R&D expenses whilst increasing production rates and reliability.

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Client Story

SCORPION Combat Information Platform

Atos’ Bull Battlespace Management System (BMS) sits at the heart of the French Army’s ambitious Scorpion programme. This modernization of battlegroup equipment has replaced five separate systems with an integrated platform, transforming the ability to move data and decisions around the battlefield, providing information advantage.

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