Smart Logistics Management

Reduce sortation costs and increase agility for a rapidly changing eCommerce world

Postal and Logistics Sorting Operations

Fully automate sortation to drive down costs and meet regulatory demands


Parcel intelligence improves visibility of lost/damaged parcels


Automation reduces manual intervention to accelerate processing


Smart processing minimizes errors and saves money


Security capabilities and expertise can expedite cross-border customs

Embrace the impact of digital on mail and parcels

Postal and logistics organizations are using digital tools to reinvent themselves in an era of ever-shifting revenue streams. Our digital solutions and platforms can increase your efficiency with powerful automation tools for capturing, transmitting and leveraging data.

We also specialize in collection and analysis of data from your own sources to capture those new revenue streams.

Major postal operators worldwide use our high-performance automation solutions, and we lead the sector in data capture and interpretation for cross-border customs.

Open Recognition and Mail-Processing Systems

We provide and manage high-performance systems that reduce manual sorting of letters, flats and parcels. Features:

  • Configurable workflows
  • Open-standard interfaces for enrichment devices (OCR, address block location, image processing, arbitration, video coding)
  • Sort-plan management for acquisition, classification, storage, consolidation and item management
  • Address management and improvement

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Video Coding System

Our easy video-coding system lets you key-in information from parcel images without specialized equipment. With web-based deployment, our software as a service (SaaS) provides efficient apps for keying names, postcodes, address information and address block locations. It features built-in OCR, automatic prioritization of online/offline tasks, training and QA, and key-from-anywhere capability.

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Customs Data Capture

In compliance with IPC and WCO standards, our Customs Data Capture solution uses image processing, machine learning and complex algorithms to extract and transmit all required data from customs forms and labels:

  • Sender name and item ID (S10 barcode)
  • Sender address
  • Addressee name and address
  • Detailed content description
  • Gross weight
  • Number of packages

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Client Story

OCR doubles Australia Post’s processing capacity

After Australia Post partnered with Atos on its first OCR system in 2008 and on a 2014 expansion to extend its capabilities, they went at it again in 2019. The system is now extended to Australia Post’s letters business. It processes images from multiproduct and large parcel sorters deployed at the Melbourne and Sydney facilities, where it has doubled the Post’s processing capacity.


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Roll container management as a service

Up to 40% of roll containers sit idle waiting for peak demand, and 15% are unaccounted for. See how digital can optimize the efficiency of your roll container operations.

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Atos Customs Data Capture

Millions of packages and parcels move across international borders daily. Everyone involved needs to know the contents and other information. Atos Customs Data Capture is a game-changing solution …

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Reinventing postal distribution

The scale of the data explosion. Pressure to derive value from unstructured data. Mass connectivity through IoT. Welcome to the new data landscape. See how to generate differentiating intelligence.

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