Smart Defense

Real-time situational awareness for combatants

Digital soldier and tactical communications

Transform soldier experience for battlefield advantage

Enhanced situational awareness:

Data-oriented intelligence

Tactical communications:

Multi-network field exchange

Resilience and ease of use:

Minimum training required

Agility and cost-efficiency:

Software-defined for flexibility

Enhancing soldier communications capabilities on the field

Atos’s digital soldier system improves communication and combat capability by giving soldiers information dominance on the ground. The solution is hardened, field-tested and battle-ready. It enables group and one-to-one calls plus real-time intelligence, including pictures, videos, and messaging so soldiers can react faster and in a more coordinated way.

Integrated with C2 systems, one simple robust device provides improved tactical and strategic decision-making, increased capabilities and agility with fewer casualties. It can be deployed tactically for special operations, fire support, convoy protection and sensitive sites protection.


The Auxylium dismounted soldier system combines civilian technology with military-grade performance levels. It provides lightweight, ergonomic, secure and energy-efficient tactical communication and switches between networks without break. The solution is a series of complementary subsystems: mobile apps, secured mass-market phones and resilient components including antennae.

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Lifelink private LTE

Atos’s turnkey private LTE is designed for critical field communications, ranging from radio to applications. It delivers high bandwidth for ground operations allowing for the exchange of data and communications in the field between all platforms.

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Client Story

From innovation, to industrialization to military standards

Thanks to a collaboration between the French Directorate General of Armaments and Atos, the industrialization of Auxylium was achieved in record timescales to address the urgent requirements of France’s country-wide antiterrorism operation Sentinelle.

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Meeting the challenges of the connected soldier with an innovative, dual communication solution

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Connected Defense

Atos sets out in this paper how new innovative technologies can meet the challenges of tomorrow’s defense.

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Digital Soldier System: The secure communications solution dedicated to armed forces

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