Application Modernization Services

Rapid enrichment of digital events and omnichannel experiences

BPM, Low Code, API & Integration

Enliven omnichannel user experiences and digitalize complex events

Efficiencies of digitalization:

Operate 10x faster at 1/10 of the cost

Seamless experience:

Automate and integrate business models and core processes


Microservices, automation and low-code liquid architecture

Speed and agility:

Reduce time to market with streamlined business processes

Scaled-out digitalization of core business processes and experiences

Speed of transformation and agility of business processes are the keys to company growth and competitive advantage.

With a global presence and digital roots in business process management, low-code, and API & integration, we provide high levels of automation while reducing operational costs and enhancing your omnichannel customer experiences.

Like no other digital partner, Atos embeds innovation, AI and the latest cloud developments into the solutions that transform your business.

Microservices Architecture Definition & Consulting

Atos can help you design a modular, scalable and resilient cloud-native digital backbone for omnichannel enablement. Our transformation advisory services also include

  • Revamping monolithic applications with microservices architectures
  • Mapping incremental modernization of legacy applications to minimize risk
  • Designing real-time event streaming, data pipeline management and integration governance

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API & Hybrid Integration Services

We specialize in a range of integration services:

  • Omnichannel enablement including full lifecycle API management and API security for hybrid cloud using hybrid API management platform solutions and monetization
  • Hybrid integration for cloud interoperability across various cloud environments
  • SOA enablement, middleware, ESB, messaging and B2B-EDI implementation

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Low-Code Product Implementation Services

Tailored to your needs, our low-code product implementation services can reduce time to market and boost your ROI for IT and business. Engage us for:

  • Next-gen high-productivity app building and deployment
  • A Digital Desk solution that combines BPM low-code products with RPA and AI/ML
  • Low-code development services on Mendix, Outsystems and Pega

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Consult with us when you need:

  • BPM maturity services
  • Design-thinking to reimagine your customer processes
  • Automation of complex manual operations, workflows and legacy processes
  • Robotics, chatbots and other cognitive digital experiences
  • Pega- and Appian-driven BPM implementation services

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Client Stories

Pega adoption for a global manufacturer

Over a six-year journey, a global manufacturer partnered with us to roll out Pega across its business functions dealing with order-to-cash, supply chain, asset, finance and master data management. The engagement reduced process cycle times by more than 50% with 90% cost reductions and 10 times faster time to market for certain functions.

Client Stories

Transformation for a UK-based insurance provider

A UK insurance provider entrusted its existing business portfolio to Atos for efficiency improvements and the resulting cost savings. Atos replatformed processes in areas such as claims, pensions, servicing, protection, closed books and complaints, and achieved a 60% increase in customer self-service and a 30% reduction in call-center volume.

Client Stories

Global financial services organization

This global FS enterprise engaged Atos to transform a complex, monolithic platform to a Pega solution.


  • Faster time to market for new strategies
  • Lower OpEx
  • 50% faster response time
  • Higher card-application completion rates via single-click experience
  • $1 million annual savings on infrastructure costs

Client Stories

First-ever speed-skating training app

Belgian long-track speed skater Bart Swings monitored his training data in 2019 with a tailor-made Mendix app developed by Atos. It featured a responsive front end and powerful analytics engine to help Swings understand progress, improve training schedules and ultimately improve performance.

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ATOM: An intelligent digital platform

Achieve digital speed by leveraging open-source technologies and cloud services — especially AI, machine learning and cognitive services — to build rich, engaging apps.

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Legacy replacement with low code

A blog detailing the positive business case for leveraging low-code platforms.
By Kees Kranenburg

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Atos Autoscaling Platform for Pega

The Atos Autoscaling Platform for Pega dramatically speeds up and simplifies management of your Pega process landscape.

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