Telecommunication transformation

Put your data on the fast-track to value

Data Monetization

Monetize your data and optimize your operations with data analytics and AI

Customer experience:

50% peak monthly opt-in for targeted, AI-recommended offers

Accelerate and scale:

Boost your operations with AI and automation

Reduce OpEx:

Free-up cash for next-gen network CapEx and be more competitive

Trust and secure data:

Migrate to your next-gen cloud-based data lake securely

Changing to data-driven transformation powered by AI for sustained success

Telco data assets are traditionally siloed with potential value untouched. Leveraging leading-edge tools and frameworks in its innovation labs, Atos has developed a unique data intelligence solution that helps telecom companies around the world monetize data and use it to drive operational excellence.

No matter your current state, we can help you in all aspects, including people, process, technology and financial:

  • Plan and execute your roadmap
  • Drive your pragmatic journey to zero-touch, integrated operations
  • Monetize your golden data assets

Customer Value Data Management (CVM)

Our CVM services help you uncover the value within your customer base, using AI to:​

  • Create deeper, longer, profitable customer relationships​
  • Maximize the value of each customer interaction across usage contexts​
  • Improve the speed, scale and efficiency of marketing operations​
  • Automate business processes to focus on added-value activities

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Zero-Touch Operations

Our AI-powered robotic process automation (RPA) solutions can help you:​

  • Transform from traditional CSP to Digital Services Provider, reducing churn and increasing value​
  • Reduce OpEx significantly​
  • Focus on your fast path to value and improve your customer experience​
  • Accelerate business operational efficiency​

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Next-Gen Data Lake/Data Management Platform

Use the cloud for our next-gen data platforms and solutions:​

  • Transform from traditional BI to enterprise information fabric​
  • Reduce OpEx significantly with a cloud-based centralized AI-powered data warehouse​
  • Focus on your fast path to value and improve decision support activities​
  • Accelerate business operational efficiency with managed services

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Client Stories

Analytics drive Ooredoo customer engagement

Ooredoo saw a path to growth in the use of real-time contextual customer data to better target communications and promotions.Ooredoo saw a path to growth in the use of real-time contextual customer data to better target communications and promotions.

It worked with Atos and Flytxt on a CVM platform for data analytics, AI and automation.

The solution enables:

  • Enriched real-time experiences
  • Innovative churn prevention
  • New income streams with lower management costs
  • Agility and flexibility

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Client Stories

Atos and Google Cloud create AI-powered chatbot

Atos and partner Google Cloud are delivering a scalable AI chatbot to T-Mobile Netherlands. T-Mobile uses the chatbot on its customer website and social media channels, with integration to its customer and product databases, improving customer experience.


  • Streamlined customer queries
  • - Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs

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The future belongs to those who monetize and maximize their data

Learn how the flood of digital data is revolutionizing businesses and business decision-making.

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Innovative analytics optimize customer offers

Catalyst Project: CEM/OSS for Hybrid Networks Predictive Analytics & Dynamic offer creation

Learn how to use personalization and real-time data analytics to improve customer centricity and loyalty.

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Head of TMT Data Monetization, Atos Scientific Community Member

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Head of Global Strategy and Business Development, Telco Sector

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