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Protecting digital operations in the industry 4.0

Manufacturing Digital Security

Fully protect your business as it keeps evolving /agile digital operations


Complete transparency over your assets and security risks

Scalability & Trust :

Safeguard your business as it tests and adopts innovations


React to 0-day attacks and keep control over your assets


6,000+ security experts

Comprehensive Industrial Cybersecurity

Manufacturing is the lucrative target for cybercrime.

IT/OT convergence, fast adoption of IoT and use of more connected, automated machines create many new opportunities for cybercriminals to access companies’ assets.

Smart manufacturing calls for a smart capability to prevent attacks, detect weaknesses and respond in real-time to any event. Protecting at the same level your information assets, your people’s ID and your systems’ integrity.

Comprehensive digital security means the tight integration of:

  • Trusted Digital Identities
  • Cloud Security
  • IoT Security
  • Data Protection and Governance
  • DWP Security
  • Advanced Managed Detection and Response
  • Edge Computing for plant & workers safety

Cloud Security

A new mindset: cybersecurity goes hybrid

  • In today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment, a robust approach to cybersecurity is required to maximize the benefits of cloud, while protecting data that is shared across both public and private clouds.
  • Atos has built a secure hybrid cloud platform for these complex new ecosystems, adding an additional layer of cloud native security controls that can be managed as a single pane-of-glass covering both cloud computing and legacy environments.
  • Atos addresses how security capabilities integrate into cloud native processes and architectures to ensure our clients security and compliance.

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Digital Workplace Security

Secure and simplify user access

With the rise of digital transformation, every employee should be able to work anytime, anywhere and on any device securely.

Atos provides secure collaborative environments with consistent user experience and high satisfaction. Whether your devices and appliances are supplied by us or by third parties, we provide fully managed security services as well as systems integration and implementation — including change management. Some implementations can even be completed 100% remotely.

Secure your digital workplace with Atos. We’ll bring the key technologies and strong partner ecosystem to enable a new style of managing BYOD and mobility as part of your IT strategy

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Advanced Detection and Response

With the rise of ransomware attacks, AI based attacks and others, it becomes more and more crucial to have the right security strategy to predict, detect and respond to threats and breaches to ensure continuous productivity.

  • With the Atos AI_based AIsaac platform we leverage our global network of partners and own expertise to predict attacks, hunt the hackers, and give the quickest response time to prevent downtime.
  • Our next-generation Managed Detection and Response for Security Operational Centers prevent any breaches, combining big data and Artificial Intelligence to automate security responses.

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Mission-critical systems

Protect human lives and mission-critical assets with defense-class protection layers:

  • Secure business-critical devices and factory infrastructures with critical communications solutions and services
  • Establish secured public and/or private mobile networks.
  • Enable secure tracking of devices, machines, assets, equipment, autonomous vehicles and more on local networks.
  • Accelerate visibility and emergency management with Command, Control and Intelligence systems
  • Safeguard aerospace and defense electronics (eg. avionics).

Data Protection and Governance

Atos supports manufacturers in building comprehensive data protection, in-transit or at rest, from devices to cloud, in compliance with personal data management regulations.

  • Deploying the necessary solutions to protect critical data from unauthorized use or theft
  • Protecting privacy by encrypting sensitive data with Atos own data encryption solutions
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards
  • Preventing any data leakage or exfiltration through penetration testing of plants, assets, devices, and machines to analyze potential risks and how to efficiently protect against them.

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Edge for plant and worker safety

Real-time track and trace to better protect your workers and your plants in activity

  • Give touchless access and control for your workers to safely navigate plants
  • Predict and prevent accidents, intrusions and malfunctions by analyzing historical and real-time data from sensors, vision guided robots or cameras
  • Maintain secured private or public LTE networks to provide critical support to your field and factory workers
  • Atos provides a full set of solutions and use cases combining the power of the Edge, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time and at scale track and trace

Client Stories

Indian Paint manufacturer

Preventing an Indian Paint Manufacturer from paying a 5 million USD ransom.

By utilizing the AIsaac platform to investigate the malware attack on 450 infected machines, Atos got all plants back online 2h30 after the attack was detected.

Client Stories

Global car manufacturer

Provided a secure enterprise with end-to-end penetration testing. Protecting the supply chain against espionage, sabotage and cyber attacks.

Atos integrates penetration testing into software development processes to ensure business continuity and security maturity.

Client Stories

Global car manufacturer

Enhancing the resilience of continuity-critical systems & supporting core business applications and processes.

Atos establishes a standard global process and methodology to ensure worldwide operational continuity in the event of any IT-driven business critical disasters.

Client Stories

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Cyber security and awareness across the IOC have been significantly strengthened.

The IOC can react fast and effectively to potential and real attacks, with:

  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring of IT and real-time response to security threats
  • Prioritized security incidents based on reliable and real-time impact assessments,
  • Effective threat management to maintain an up-to-date understanding of external threats,
  • Continuous control to identify any gaps with respect to the IOC security baseline.

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Client Stories

Hard Rock Stadium

Cyber security and awareness across the IOC have been significantly strengthened.

Hard Rock Stadium’s cybersecurity status advanced to a new level, thwarting hundreds of potential attacks on its most important game of the year. This is a cybersecurity first for the NFL, and a complete end-to-end solution for managing and defending high volumes of diverse connected IT and OT assets. It offers a fully compliant replicable approach for more events at Hard Rock Stadium, and for other large sporting events at other venues.

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