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Protect borders from multiple threats while controlling and managing goods and traveler flows

Border Management

Take border protection to the next level

Border crossing experience:

Enhanced and safer traveler and trade border crossing experience


Stay ahead of illegal immigration, tax evasion and illicit trade

Process optimization:

Reduce costs and time with streamlined border control processes


Proven, secure, sovereign and compliant with regulations

Securing regulated and unregulated borders and managing travelers and goods

Whether regulated borders such as airports and unregulated borders such as land or sea borders, simplifying and streamlining border control is critical. It increases the security of countries, passengers and trade. Atos is here to help.

We work closely with our partners to provide a comprehensive, intelligent and modular set of solutions for integrated border management. From critical communications to biometrics and multi-intelligence platforms, we ensure you are ready to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges at your borders.

Regulated Border Control

Our end-to-end Regulated Border Control services include integration, installation, support and maintenance of comprehensive systems for both first- and second-line checkpoints:

  • Enrolment kiosks and camera poles,
  • Document and fingerprint readers,
  • Biometric matchers,
  • Mobile border control systems,
  • Border control management systems,
  • Asylum seeker validation and management,
  • Covid-19 detection.

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Green Border Control

Adopt our Green Border Control systems for surveillance, protection and control of your unregulated land border:

  • Mobile checkpoints, including radio integration into a central system,
  • Stationary perimeter surveillance, including AI-enhanced situation awareness,
  • Drone-based long-range border surveillance,
  • Drone/plane-based radio source detection and tracking,
  • Sensor arrays.

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Blue Border Control

Leverage our 20 years of experience in creating, operating and upgrading Blue Border Control systems for the surveillance and protection of your unregulated sea borders:

  • Radar and optical detection systems,
  • Mobile monitoring units,
  • AI-based detection of events,
  • High detection rates, above 95%,
  • All sensors integrated into a command and control center.

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Tax and Customs Control

Employ our integral Tax and Customs Control solution for all goods crossing your borders:

  • Process import, export and transit declarations,
  • Reduce time to release, increasing the effectiveness and detection of illicit trade,
  • Secure revenue collection,
  • Support for compliance, authorization and certification processes,
  • Compliant with standards (WCO/OMD, WTO, EU),
  • Extend borders with Intelligent Supply Chain.

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Threat and Fraud Detection Platform

The Atos multi-intelligence platform helps you detect fraud and illicit activities. From structured to unstructured data, from identity resolution to intelligent document processing, Atos connects the dots:

  • ERP data,
  • Document management,
  • CCTV,
  • Cargo x-ray scanners,
  • CBRNE sensors,
  • Border control technologies,
  • Geolocalization,
  • Geospatial data.

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Client Story

Asylum seeker management in Germany

Atos has installed 120 asylum seeker management systems in 60 German government sites since 2017. Our systems analyze the mobile phone metadata that regulations allow to establish a verified identity.

Client Story

Central Entry/Exit System for Europe

Tracking travelers from outside the Schengen Area was once impossible. Atos is helping implement Europe’s central EES (Entry/Exit System).

Planned for 2022, ESS will collect traveler information for 330 million entries and exits a year to provide a single source of truth.

Client Story

Spanish sea border protection

The Spanish SIVE project relies on VIGIA from Atos to halt illegal immigration, smuggling and trafficking.

Sensor stations with radar and optical and infrared cameras surveil more than 3000 km of coast in Spain, Canaries, Castellón and Mallorca. They are integrated into a command and control center that provides mobile units with vital data.

Client Story

Kenyan Revenue Authority

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) announced the completion of its Integrated Customs Management System (iCMS) on October 22, 2021.

Built on Atos’ e-biscus solution, the single window provided by the iCMS allows authorities to process goods declarations before vessels dock, reducing clearance times by at least 60%.

Client Story

Czech passport system

Atos provided and is operating the Czech Republic’s central system for managing and enrolling official documents. It manages everything from biometric data travel documents (ePassport) and national eID documents (ID cards) to resident permits.

Client Story

Office of Revenu Commisionner

e-biscus from Atos processes all import and export customs declarations for goods traveling to and from the Republic of Ireland, and has done so since 2008.

Compliant with the EU Community Customs Code, the system has adapted to all legal changes over the years, helping Irish Customs cut release times to just a few seconds for 95% of transactions.

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Border protection

Real-time border surveillance and protection for security and humanitarian rescue with Atos border monitoring and checkpoint solutions.

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Tax & customs

Atos’ e-biscus comprehensive software helps customs authorities optimize operations while protecting consumers and servicing trade.

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