Digital Transformation Consulting

Optimize your IT business, operating and architecture models

Technology Transformation

Transform your IT with superior digital capabilities

Efficiency and cost:

Reduce IT CapEx and OpEx by 30%

Time to market:

Modernize or launch new apps and IT services 50% faster


Enable innovative digital business models with new revenues

Agility and responsiveness:

Reorient your ways of working to proactively support new business

Technology strategy and transformation

The IT office has become a key business and innovation partner proactively driving digitally enabled products, services and business models. And this while mastering the transformational challenges of a complex IT heritage.

Don’t stop there. Optimize what you’ve achieved in operations, services, apps and architectures — or extend your capabilities with your own partner for innovation. We provide effective best-practices to help clients master their digital IT transformations. See how we can help you deliver future-proof tangible business outcomes.

IT Strategy and Transformation (IST)

IST improves IT effectiveness and efficiency through services that:

  • Build new, more agile business capabilities
  • Introduce DevOps to transform IT operating models
  • Optimize SIAM, IT organization, processes, and agile@scale implementation and ways-of-working – Design and implement business cases and master plans for technology model and architecture transformation – with cost-benefit assessments

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Service, Application and Platform Rationalization (RAT)

Work with us to design and implement IT rationalization programs focused on cost and efficiency. Services include rationalization and performance-improvement programs focused on carve-outs, post-merger integrations, legacy harmonization and restructuring of IT.

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Agile Digital Enterprise Architecture (ADA)

Our ADA services can help you shape a future-proof, adaptive IT architecture for agile digital business, including:

  • Accelerators for application, platform and infrastructure architecture transformation
  • Strategy and plan for maximizing the benefits of new technologies
  • Digital technology roadmaps to full mastery of digital technology adoption

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Data-Driven IT Service and Operating Model (DOM)

Use big data and analytics to innovate in the field of IT services and transform operating models toward more predictive and prescriptive IT services. Our DOM services include:

  • IT services innovation and incubation
  • Optimization of IT-for-IT instrumentation
  • Automation strategies


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Client stories

IT digital maturity uplift

Experian’s ITSM transformation program advanced its IT maturity and business value. Atos provided a rapid review of the credit-reporting agency’s ITSM maturity against the Atos IT Operations Management (ITOM) framework and industry best practices to identify quick wins and long-term recommendations to improve the IT organization and its capabilities.

Client stories

Adaptive workplace strategy

Providing correct device, software and access was a big pain point for employees of Humana. Atos established a workplace strategy with a dynamic, data-driven approach to generate persona-based technology profiles for the organization. The profiles reduced enablement times while improving user experience, productivity and predictive control of technology costs.

Client stories

Innovative platform for industrial asset leasing

SieSmart is a key front-end point-of-sale solution for Siemens Financial Services. It is live in nine countries. Atos supported SFS to create a leading origination platform with clear focus on customer-centricity with services that are secure, scalable and highly available using cutting-edge open technology with significant end-to-end automation.

Client stories

AI-based adaptive work assistance

Bosch teamed with with Atos and other partners to improve the accessibility of its industrial workstations. Together, they designed and developed AI-based collaborative assistance services with interactive user support for workstation setup, modification, maintenance and error detection.

Client stories

Digital IT strategy

Sucden Financial engaged Atos to review its IT strategy, use of cloud, networks, applications, security and enterprise integration. Atos took a best-practice approach, delivering a complete IT strategy and plan with recommendations to address concerns around customer experience, CRM, KYC/MI data, workplace and automation.

Key contacts

Thomas Goetz

Global Head of Technology Strategy & Innovation Practice, Digital Transformation Consulting

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