Automation in Healthcare

Transforming patient care and experience

Improve outcomes while increasing productivity


Increased capacity for patient care

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Security and compliance:

Patient safety and data protected

Employee satisfaction:

Staff free from manual, repetitive tasks


Lower operating costs, higher accuracy

Working with you to redefine care services

Safe and sustained use of automation presents critical opportunities to make a meaningful difference in healthcare. Automation technologies are in three groups: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All are proven to help healthcare providers reduce administrative burden on clinicians and cost of services .

Wherever you are on your automation journey, we’ll help you maximize the benefits of automation. Our extensive healthcare experience means we understand your processes, so you’re not starting from scratch. We are product-agnostic, working in partnership with all stakeholders to implement an optimized solution that meets your objectives to improve outcomes, increase efficiency and enhance experiences for patients and staff.

End-to-end Automation Services

Getting started

  • End-to-end strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Discovery and proof of value
  • Procurement and partner engagement


  • Capability development
  • Support
  • Knowledge transfer and training


  • Automaton-as-a-service

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Front Office


  • Rostering
  • DNA/CNA – reminders and rebooking
  • Bed management

Supplementing clinical judgement*

  • Imaging
  • Case note change tracking
  • Coding discharge letters
  • Key controls (for example, end-of-life, drug seeking, child protection)

Transition between care providers

  • Out-of-hours
  • Anticipatory care plans*
  • Medication mapping / reconciliation
  • Lab results and blood tests

Improving data quality

  • Patient records – registrations updates and reconciliation
  • Patient record analysis for proactive care*
  • Immunization records
  • Clinical evaluation forms

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Middle Office

Strategy & planning: analysis of reports, legislation and contracts

  • Report intelligence
  • Compliant clauses
  • Contract leakage

Budgets & reporting

  • Gathering, cleaning, processing and interpreting data
  • Predictive budgeting and forecasting
  • Approval workflows

Risk management

  • Risk factor monitoring
  • Counter fraud processes
  • Decision making

Programs & projects

  • Monitoring & responding to data to drive triggers
  • Automated report generation and distribution
  • Support to real time analytics

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Back Office

Human Resources

  • Joiners & leavers (account creation/privileges)
  • Temporary staff management
  • Employee information maintenance

Finance & Accounting (Including Payroll)

  • Accounts payable & invoicing
  • Reconciliation
  • Operational cost management
  • Reduced approval times

Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Automated sign off & approval workflow
  • Order confirmation
  • Supply replenishment & inventory control
  • Supplier performance (fulfilment)
  • Inventory management

Informatics & Reporting

  • Monitoring & responding to data to drive triggers
  • Automated report generation and distribution
  • Support to real time analytics

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Client Story

NHS England

NHS England, in partnership with Atos, have created the first-ever national guidance for NHS organizations to plan, implement and sustain Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


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Accelerating healthcare’s automation journey: why RPA is now a critical enabler

No healthcare organization today can afford to overlook RPA. Clinical and digital leaders need to understand what it means, where they will most benefit from RPA as a way to augment staff – and also where they won’t benefit from this technology.

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