Customer-Centered Manufacturing

Optimize customer and consumer experience at every stage of the journey

Warranty Solutions

Improving customer experience in the after-sales services journey

Cost saving:

1.5% savings on total claims cost

Efficient service:

Reduced warranty claim-processing time

Quality with profitability:

Increased revenues by using certified manufacturer parts

Optimized processes:

Increased recovery of warranty cost from suppliers

Warranty Solutions

Atos offers after-sales services solutions to enhance your customer experience. We deliver innovative platforms that ensure user trust, reduce the number of claims, improve quality, increase revenue, and optimize your warranty processes.

With more than 10 years of expertise in warranty management systems and partnerships with market-leading vendors, Atos provides dedicated solutions that give you more control over your products’ lifetime value.

Warranty Management Solutions

We provide an end-to-end platform to streamline warranty processes, campaigns, part returns, and supplier recovery. Our platforms leverage data science to identify claim anomalies to enhance business rules, and ML to predict warranty claim acceptance or denial when claims are filed.

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Blockchain Warranty Solution

Our mobile app lets customers control their personal data and enhances the product experience. It leverages digital maintenance records to fight fraud and increase security across the supply chain. It also logs all maintenance activities to improve trust in the reseller ecosystem.

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Client Story

Warranty support for a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer

A North American carmaker worked with Atos to migrate more than 2,000 dealers across several business units from a legacy warranty system to a new one with digital enhancements. The new system provides warranty support on iPad, integrates with telematics, and features an intuitive dealer dashboard.

Business benefits:

  • Reduced cost by identifying suspicious warranty claims
  • Increased aftermarket revenue
  • Reduced human effort/errors in monitoring claim-processing rules
  • Additional time for preventive actions
  • Improvement in service quality

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