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Exploiting data from space to generate growth

Satellites provide a huge amount of data. Whatever your use case – whether agriculture, defense, energy, environment, oceanography, territories or something else – Atos can help.

Atos Data Analytics Platform helps you exploit these Earth observation data to the full. Our highly secure platform enhances data collection while also providing a variety of tools and reliable support to assist you in your operations.

Mundi Web Services

Our SkyMon can identify and mitigate interferences and geolocate the source:

  • Monitors the quality and geolocation of satellite signals, including VSAT,
  • Identifies, demodulates and geolocates terrestrial-based interferences originating from 2G, 3G and 4G,
  • Fully integrated single satellite geolocation system,
  • Fully automated carrier monitoring,
  • Predictive AI analysis.

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Client Stories

European Space Agency: Mundi Web Services

The European Space Agency selected Atos to combine real-time geo-data from Copernicus with data from multiple sources and turn it into information products for diverse sectors to generate growth. A new platform will make satellite data more accessible, with Atos Codex handling vast volumes of data in different formats.

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Client Stories

Space data to support farmers

The expansion of datura, a toxic plant that grows across many crops, is a major challenge for farmers. To address this challenge, Atos integrated Telespazio France’s GeoAdventice into its satellite data platform, Mundi Web Services, extending its services ecosystem.

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Client Stories

France’s Chamber of Agriculture

The French Chamber of Agriculture wanted to help the country’s agricultural sector make efficient and secure use of satellite data. Atos developed and implemented a cloud platform to manage the satellite imagery. The project is driving digitization across the sector.

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Earth Observation

A brief history of Earth Observation

To know and observe the earth has been a goal for centuries. From observation from the tops of buildings to the space odyssey, discover the history of earth observation.

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Mundi Web Services

Mundi Web Services provides the infrastructure and a team that shares your passion for innovation to help you maximize the value of earth observation data.

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