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Journey towards predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory care

Precision Medicine

Deliver preventive precise care and achieve the quadruple aim

Quality of care:

Improved quality of care through advanced analytics capabilities

Costs of care:

Reduced costs of care through waste reduction

Personal wellness:

Reassured patients through proactive and personalized patient engagement approaches

Provider experience:

Improved use of all available data at the point of care

Transitioning from disease management to personalized care

New high-throughput technologies are producing an unprecedented understanding of the molecular and cellular processes that govern health and disease. As a result, research and healthcare are now converging. The ability to translate new research into clinical settings paves the way for a new medical paradigm: precision medicine. This replaces ‘one-size-fits-all’ medicine with an approach that is more targeted to individuals.

New technologies such as quantum computing, machine learning and AI have the potential to bring about game changing results in genomics, biodata and population health.

Population health

  • Speed up diagnosis through the use of AI
  • Reduce clinical fatigue through automation and AI
  • Enable a true patient-centric clinical care pathway

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  • Services to exchange, integrate and analyze the vast amounts of data collected from different sources into a global information infrastructure
  • Sensors network to gather different physiological and environmental / localization data
  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSS)
  • Integration of omics research results for CDSS
  • Algorithms to model data and simulate physiological behavior

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Advanced analytics, AI and machine learning (ML)

Examples include:

  • Fracture detection to improve diagnostic accuracy and speed with ML image processing
  • ML powered claims decision modelling, extracting relevant data through NLP to support the claims management process
  • Equipping communities with the data necessary to allocate resources in the fight against drug overdose, leveraging ML across disparate platforms

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High performance computing (HPC)

  • AI powered by high performance, edge and quantum computing from Europe’s #1 supplier
  • Delivers secure insights from IoT data in near real-time
  • Modular platforms that holistically grow and adapt as more data and outcomes become available
  • Ability to re-focus vast data from one associated analysis to another for cross condition and outcome modelling

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Client Stories

Rush University Medical Center

With 3 hospitals, more than 30 outpatient clinics and 900+ providers, Rush University Medical Center is one of the top academic medical centers in the U.S.

Mavern Wave, an Atos company, led Rush’s migration to Google Cloud Platform and engineered a solution to map unstructured data in the medical center’s EMR system to structured insights (SNOMED).

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Client Stories

The National Center for Genomic Analysis

Spain’s National Centre for Genomics Analysis (CNAG) sequences over 800 Gigabases per day, the equivalent of sequencing eight full human genomes at 30-fold coverage. To achieve these important goals CNAG relies on Atos HPC to process large volumes of data to conduct quick, accurate analysis.

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Client Stories

NYU Langone

A secure AI/ML-powered platform that leverages data collected from wearables to provide real-time recommendations. The platform can aggregate demographic data plus FitBit data outlining physical activity, sleep, and diet trends to create custom profiles that send personalized notifications to patients.

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Client Stories


Ascension partnered with Maven Wave, an Atos company, to successfully migrate 165,000 users to G Suite. Spread across 50 Ascension sites, teams transitioned users to G Suite in one Global Go-Live weekend. With the deployment, 100+ TB of data was converted. Additionally, with a GCP deployment design Maven Wave helped to create a foundational blueprint for the future.

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Precision Medicine: The Future of Health

Healthcare systems have to evolve into a more sustainable model that maintains people’s wellness rather than just treating illness once it has occurred.

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Population Health Management

The healthcare system needs to make it easier to be healthy, changing behaviors and improving the health of populations.

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Pioneering the way to Precision Medicine

Never has the prospect of innovation been so bright, with new technologies such as immunotherapy and genomics promising to bring revolutionary advances in medicine and life-extending therapies.

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Delivering innovations in precision medicine

Atos’ vision is to bridge the gap between basic and applied research by implementing new technological solutions.

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