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Improving patient care and engagement

Virtual Care and Remote Monitoring

Drive an improved patient experience


Enables better patient engagement

Better outcomes:

Real-time data improves care

Costs of care:

Lower costs with data insights


100% security compliance

Implementing and managing Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems

Whether you still need to implement virtual care and RPM technologies or you need to derive more value from your existing telehealth systems, Atos is here to help.  We have a wide range of RPM, e-consultation and virtual care solutions that can be rapidly introduced into any healthcare setting.  We have many years’ experience of integrating new and legacy systems, backed up by leading AI, analytics and ML services, combined with industry-leading security solutions.

Telehealth and Virtual Care Technology

  • Integrated video collaboration and communication platforms that enable virtual healthcare to patients wherever they can video-chat
  • Implementation and management of patient e-consultation systems, delivering a more convenient service to patients at lower cost
  • Chatbot technology that helps users get instant, accurate answers about symptoms, reducing the strain on physicians
  • Integration of Virtual Care platforms with EHR and back-office systems

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Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

  • Vendor agnostic wearable devices, tablets and mobile devices that that gather patient data outside of the healthcare setting
  • Improved patient experience
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Improved understanding and management of patient conditions

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Cloud for Track and Trace Solutions

  • Reduction in the spread of infection rates
  • Improved patient experience
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Real time analytics to better manage and predict the spread of infection.
  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure.


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Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

  • Machine learning and analytics tools that can make useful inferences and predictions based on available data.
  • Analytics relieve pressure on health systems, improving practice efficiency and patient lives.
  • Cloud infrastructure can process your data in real time, empowering clinical decisions.

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