Logistics Fleet and Carrier Services

Improve fleet performance, capacity and efficiency

Logistics Fleet and Asset Management

Use data to optimize your operations

Improve efficiency:

7% lower fuel consumption per year

Reduce carbon emissions:

12% energy cost reduction

4.Maximize asset life:

10% higher overall utilization

Ensure Trust:

100% security compliance

Advanced fleet and asset management

Digital fleet and asset management platforms make it possible to manage the flow of goods through complex and tightly managed supply chains. We help logistics organizations optimize their fleets with smarter operations powered by IoT and analytics. Increase your customer satisfaction while improving capacity, reliability and efficiency.

Our solutions deliver:

  • Data-driven decision making through connected devices, IoT and data analytics
  • Optimizing fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emission, and improving operational efficiency through AI
  • Increased levels of passenger satisfaction

Smart Connected Freight Vessels

Tracking data from the engine and fuel rooms optimizes vessel performance, saves money in the long term and reduces CO2 emissions. Gain full visibility of vessel performance and insights into your fleet operations with:

  • Real-time visibility, enabling predictive maintenance
  • Significant savings in fuel consumption and improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced fuel, operational, and maintenance costs
  • Proactive management of operational cost.

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Hub Operations Management

End-to-end visibility of shipment handling and proactive notifications:

  • Data-driven, proactive decision making
  • Minimized irregularities in the shipment lifecycle
  • Improved efficiency in hub operation and carrier services
  • Proactive measures for any potential service failures
  • A platform to grow digital capabilities

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Client Story

Global shipping company reduced fuel consumption by 7%

The solution provides an onboard component, which collects data and information from control systems and hosts applications to generate tangible business benefits like decarbonization. These applications are developed by using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, running on a high-end edge computing device.


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