Communication and Collaboration Services

Harmonize and enhance communication platforms

Integrated Communication and Collaboration

Provide synergy across your organization


Ensure reliable and harmonized communications


Drive flexibility with dynamic technology


Leverage existing investments while adopting new technologies


Guaranteed security and compliance

Harmonizing organizations communication
for the future

Whatever your Integrated Communication and Collaboration Services needs, our in-depth understanding of existing and emerging technologies puts us in a unique position to help.

We can guide you on your technology journey, integrating and embracing the latest innovations to position you for the future.

As users demand a streamlined experience, we can help you converge multiple communication methods into an augmented collaboration platform. Our approach will also enhance efficiency and extend the life of your existing platform investment.

Trusted advisor

Leverage our communication, collaboration and integration expertise and our immersive consulting approach that learns about your organization. We provide an optimal solution that keeps your organization agile and dynamic:

  • Vendor-agnostic portfolio
  • Hosted, on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Combination of technology and service
  • Certified and accredited partnerships globally
  • Technology roadmap

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Atos leverages established project and transition methodologies to deliver best in practice services:

  • Integration of collaboration services and applications
  • Hybrid solutions which capitalize on existing investments
  • Tailored offerings based on standards
  • Creation of a transition journey based on end-to-end ownership of the transformation

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Our expert team has no boundaries when helping you to optimize your business:

  • Complements your existing solution through customization, integration and automation
  • Implements an augmented and organic approach
  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Improves efficiency, collaboration and business continuity
  • Delivers hybrid ways of working for a more flexible, decarbonized workplace


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Service Management

Leverage our expertise for an efficient workforce and customer experience:

  • A range of service levels that meets your requirements
  • Full or modular support package tailored to your needs
  • Value-added operational support
  • An operational structure to cater for all, from remote monitoring to fully managed services
  • Regular operational reviews and performance checks to ensure steady innovation

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Client stories

Traffic Management Organization

A national traffic management organization was running multiple communication platforms and needed to improve the end-user experience.
Atos integrated Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to provide a single collaboration platform. Operating costs have been reduced significantly while workplace flexibility and inbuilt business continuity have increased.

Client stories

Global Manufacturing

A global manufacturing company’s telephony systems were no longer supported, and its communication applications were fragmented. Atos implemented a collaboration platform. Users benefit from a fast and consistent experience. No longer dependent on existing infrastructure, the business enjoys greater flexibility.

Client stories

University Database Integration

A university with 22,000+ communication and collaboration subscribers wanted to update background databases automatically whenever a user’s credentials were added, deleted or updated. Atos delivered a solution using the REST web interface. Internal databases - including human resources, directory services and email – are now always in sync.

Key contacts

Daniel Pikon

Head of Horizontal Portfolio and Alliances
Communication and Collaboration Services Practice

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