Telecommunication transformation

Gain early competitive advantage with your next generation telecom network

Next Generation Telecoms Network

Create your next generation network

Agile and flexible network:

Respond rapidly to changing business and market needs

Cost efficiency:

Lower network operating costs and increase returns on investment

Uninterrupted performance:

Low latency to deliver standout customer experience

Secure and scalable:

Ensure regulatory compliance and foster trust and confidence

Your transformation journey to 5G and beyond

As a vendor-independent partner, Atos can help telecom operators transform existing 4G networks and introduce 5G services and solutions. We support operators to transform their existing networks to gain a vital competitive edge.

Telecom operators must be able to deliver market-leading new products and services ahead of the competition and achieve a stand-out position in customer satisfaction.

Network agility is a prerequisite for sustainable success. Providers must be able to scale capacity and performance to meet their users demands, including delivering real-time experiences.

Network function virtualization and containerization

With very high demands for performance, scale, availability and security, network function virtualization for telcos is more complex than for other domains. We’ll help you to navigate this complexity by identifying your requirements then selecting and seamlessly integrating the optimal virtualized core infrastructure to meet your needs.

  • Provide a common infrastructure to co-host network functions from multiple vendors
  • Support high throughput you need for network applications
  • Meet SLAs adapted to network needs, with 99,999% of availability

Atos also delivers Container-as-a-Service infrastructure, simplifying and accelerating deployment of containers to bring you the benefits of:

  • More efficient use of hardware
  • Flexibility to use your own hardware, hybrid public and private cloud or any combination
  • Scalability and agility to adapt to your changing business needs

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Voice and mobile-data core network and value-added services

Atos can help you to upscale existing services and launch new voice, messaging and data services in your virtualized environment (including a Services Delivery Platform, IMS solution, Messaging, Data Core packet, and Video Analytics).

To deploy these services, we reuse and adapt from our catalog, reducing your costs and time to market by up to five times.

We guarantee the high scalability, performance and availability you require. These applications can be integrated into an orchestration and automation platform to ensure scalability and flexibility.

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Multi access Edge Computing and OpenRAN

Virtualization at the edge of your network will give you even more flexibility and cost-efficiency for deploying new customer services and applications.

In addition to applications at the edge, Radio Access Networks (RAN) will also be virtualized. While remote radio units will remain on masts, baseband processing units will be virtualized and hosted at the edge. Open-RAN replaces vendor-proprietary interfaces with open standards, providing greater flexibility to select best-of-breed components. Atos will:

  • Integrate advanced edge capabilities.
  • Enhance the performance of applications that leverage 4G LTE / 5G networks
  • Enable you to offer new services and opportunities to your customers with powerful AI, analytics, and new edge solutions

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Network management and Orchestration

By implementing an orchestration platform, zero-touch network operations become a reality, lowering operating costs, simplifying the configuration of services, and bringing the benefits of agile, flexible virtualized network operation and maintenance.

Closed-loop, real-time AI and analytics integrated with automation and orchestration improves network reliability and ensures that operation and maintenance staff can work more efficiently, creating a truly data-driven, self-optimizing network.

  • Transforming the operating model
  • Implementing automation and orchestration solutions
  • Embedding actionable data

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End-to-end Cybersecurity

Atos provides a comprehensive suite of cyber security products, services and expertise to secure Next Generation Telecoms Networks. These include: Trustway solutions to protect data; hardware security modules to safeguard and manage digital keys, perform encryption and decryption functions for digital signatures, with strong authentication and other cryptographic functions; Identity and Access Management to manage user access; and Public Key infrastructure to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates and manage public-key encryption.

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Client Story

Next Generation Intelligent Network for A1 Telekom Austria

Atos has been selected to modernise, standardise and implement a centralised Mobile IN (Intelligent Network) Service Platform for A1 Telekom Austria.


  • Ensure the optimal use of services such as VoLTE (Voice over LTE), Wifi Calling and value-added services such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), Roaming, Multiring, or Centrex, the simulation of a private telephone system
  • Ensure that A1 is well equipped for future technologies
  • Manage the related services, such as the automatic billing of roaming charges or the delivery of VoLTE services

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