Common Data Foundations

Fully connect central & local governments by building sovereign and secure data platforms

Public Data Platforms

Transforming central & local government processes and services


More efficient joined-up smart services:

Better, more sustainable outcomes orchestrated from a single platform

Better decision-making:

Aggregated intelligence and dashboards to shape policy and services

Private sector investment and innovation:

With more collaboration and value through an economy of data

More engaged and informed citizens:

Via multiple channels: from digital signage to smartphones

Deliver trusted, secure, and flexible public data platforms

Governments want to offer citizens better services, be more efficient and have a good infrastructure for companies to drive economic development. Exploiting all the data generated by a wide ecosystem of applications and devices is key to fulfil their public service mission.

Atos’s Public Data Platforms are open, interoperable, standardized solutions for smart services. Using powerful AI and edge capabilities, it collects and integrates data from multiple sources. With the platform, authorities can break down silos to improve efficiency and optimize investments.

Urban Data Platform – sovereign hybrid cloud containerization

A sovereign platform based on hybrid cloud containerization, the Urban Data Platform is highly scalable and stores historical data and indicators, correlated and analyzed using AI. It embeds the critical edge system to improve latency and delivery of services: privacy by design, agility in response and increased security allowing for networks with both higher latency or lower bandwidth like LoRa.

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Smart Mobility Services

Using our platform helps to optimize & develop multimodal and public mobility across territories. The main challenges are around decarbonization, traffic jam monitoring & alternative transportation. Our offer guarantees fluid mobility across territories to support economic growth and increase territory attractiveness.

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Client Stories

Eindhoven: Generating value from data already living in the city

While many cities are considering how to extract the maximum benefit and value from the opportunities presented by big data, Eindhoven is one step ahead with CityPulse, which helps to manage a busy area of the city that’s famous for its nightlife.


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Client Stories

Grenoble City

Building tomorrow’s city with better energy management and consumption
´Smart management of energy data is a key lever in energy transition for our region.”


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Blogs from the Atos expert community

How to unleash the power of data to improve quality of our city life?
By Albert Seubers

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Data Driven Government: Preparing for the age of the citizen

Governments can and must use the power of Big Data to be more citizen-focused, to design cost-effective and responsive services, reinvent their business models, and prepare for the challenges of a digitally transformed society.

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