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High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC has been and will continue to play an instrumental role in driving progress in a wide range of scientific and engineering applications around the world. Atos HPC has achieved unprecedented peak performance powered by the fastest processors on the market. By converging AI with HPC for smarter data simulation and crafting greener power efficient HPC, Atos continues to evolve towards a modular, application-driven architecture, orchestrating workloads on specialized modules and delivering seamless user experience to extract value from data.

BullSequana X supercomputer series

Beyond pure performance, supercomputers must not just leverage the latest technologies, but also perfectly meet the needs of applications and users. BullSequana X supercomputers offer an infinitely adaptable response, with a large choice of compute nodes, accelerated nodes and specialized nodes.

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BullSequana Xstor

The BullSequana Xstor is a new range of modular storage appliances designed for HPC current and future needs. The solution focusses on performance, modularity, scalability and cost optimization to deliver our customers a new range of capabilities.

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BXI V2 – BullSequana eXascale Interconnect V2

Optimizing the network capacity of your system is vital in order to process data at scale. This is why the interconnect is going to be a key enabling technology for exascale systems. The BullSequana eXascale Interconnect V2 or BXI V2 introduces a paradigm shift in terms of performance, scalability, efficiency, reliability and quality of service for extreme workloads.


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HPC Software Suites

HPC Software Suites introduces a new approach to extreme computing software solutions. They are scalable, open, and robust software suites that meet the requirements of the most challenging HPC environments, with high security standards. The convergence with AI creates a new level of user experience with reduced TCO.

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High Performance AI Infrastructure

With NVIDIA, Atos design, build and deliver HPC-AI converged supercomputing at scale. Using a modular approach and thanks to our understanding of both HPC and AI we allow our clients to reach their computing goals with a fast, capable and cost-efficient secured systems.


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Atos is a pioneer in Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), using warm water (~40C) to cool down all the critical elements in a supercomputer. Its next generation HPCs continue to hold more and more entries among the Green500 list.

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Client stories

Boosting supercomputing capacity

Atos powers Europe’s fastest supercomputer at Jülich in Germany, the most energy-efficient system in the TOP100.

Atos worked with Jülich and German HPC-software specialist ParTec to extend its existing JUWELS supercomputer system with a highly scalable booster module. This module is enabling JUWELS to handle much more demanding computing tasks and data analysis from science and industry than has previously been possible in Europe.

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Client stories

Supercomputing expertise supporting Covid-19 virus research

CNB is using Atos’s supercomputing resource to produce a refined 3D model of the SARS-Cov2 spike protein. By knowing more detail about the structure of this protein, researchers can better understand how the virus initiates infection. This important step forward may help in the development of a vaccine.

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Blogs from the Atos expert community

COVID-19: In a race against the clock.
By Natalia Jiménez Lozano

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Digital vision for supercomputing and big data

In this paper, we have aimed to demystify some of the key developments in the areas of big data, analytics and supercomputing. We explore what they mean for business and the future of public services, and present how some of society’s most pressing challenges and opportunities can, and will be, addressed through newly gained insights as we harness the power of these super-tools.

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The HPC software suites: embracing digital sustainability

Keeping performance as the cornerstone, the Atos HPC Software Suites take a holistic approach to maximizing infrastructure efficiency, enhancing scalability and flexibility for a reduced carbon footprint. The convergence of AI and new security mechanisms creates a new level of user experience with reduced TCO.

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Head of solutions marketing & portfolio

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CTO, HPC, AI & Quantum

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