Faster molecule discovery and compliant pre-clinical studies in a digital environment

Drug Discovery & Pre-clinical Research

Faster drug discovery leveraging digital human twin and quantum technology


Reduced R&D costs at the pre-clinical stage


Accelerated drug discovery and faster drugs from lab to counter


Improved efficiency and effectiveness of drug development


Fully regulatory compliant with CDISC SEND standards

Driving research and pre-clinical studies leveraging HPC & QLM

Target identification and validation is too slow using traditional means of drug discovery. Atos provides the compute power and expertise to convert sequencing data and 3D-EM to actionable insights, followed by pre-clinical studies on human digital twin.

Atos can help in the complete value chain from research to pre-clincal studies and submission of SEND data for regulatory approval.

Advanced Computing

  • Simplify workflows by processing data at the edge
  • Deliver secure insights from IOT data in near real-time
  • Federated learning platforms to create a collaborative eco system
  • Data analytics capabilities that grow seamlessly
  • Explore new hypotheses with Atos quantum computing simulator

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Data intelligence

  • Services to exchange, integrate and analyze the vast amounts of data collected from different sources into a global information infrastructure
  • Sensors network to gather different physiological and environmental / localisation data
  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSS)
  • Algorithms to model data and simulate physiological behavior

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Simulation capabilities for molecular modeling and protein folding to accelerate drug discovery


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SEND support services

  • SEND consulting
  • SEND data conversion
  • Data validation
  • Migration services
  • Compliance services
  • Labeling

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Client Stories

Bayer and RWTH Aachen University

Atos, Bayer and RWTH Aachen University use Atos Quantum Learning Machine to study human disease patterns to accelerate research.

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Client Stories

National Center for Genomic Analysis

Spain’s National Centre of Genomics Analysis (CNAG) sequences over 800 Gigabases per day, the equivalent of sequencing eight full human genomes at 30-fold coverage. To achieve these important goals CNAG relies on Atos HPC to process large volumes of data to conduct quick, accurate analysis.

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Find out more

Omics – the revolution of P4 medicine

There is a significant gap between the worlds of cutting-edge genomic research (bench) and everyday healthcare (bedside). To fill this gap, an active process of genomics translation is necessary.

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Key contacts

Harbir Sawhney

Global Portfolio Head, Life Sciences

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Gauri Deshmukh

Senior Consultant, Life Sciences

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Natalia Jiménez Lozano

Head of Atos Life Science Center of Excellence

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