Connected Products and Services

Evaluate and implement new business models to improve customer experience, revenues and supply chain

Connected Products

Platform solutions and services to transform the product consumption and usage experience

Increase revenue:

10% increase thanks to superior customer experience

Improve efficiency:

0 CPG product stockouts

Avoid outages:

Monitor home appliances and field assets in real time

Accelerate to market:

30% faster with a DevOps model

Connected Products

Atos connected product solutions leverage best-of-breed IoT, AI and analytics to enhance the consumer experience.

We’ve enabled food-and-beverage manufacturers to securely connect to field assets, like vending machines and coolers, to ensure products are enjoyed as intended. We also enable home-appliance manufacturers to monitor product performance in real time.

Connecting your products increases customer intimacy and enhances the consumer experience.

Atos provides trust, agility, ease of use, and increased revenues — all with world-class security throughout the connected product ecosystem.

Connected Inventory

We connect field assets to a central back-end platform to help manufacturers:

  • Achieve full transparency of inventory and asset data to analyze real-time inventory data without physically visiting retailers
  • Trigger actionable alerts and automated process flows using predefined conditions

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Connected Appliances

Our ready-to-use digital building blocks help you quickly build, test, and deploy new services:

  • Use digital device replicas to accelerate testing and rollout
  • Integrate value-added partner services like automated cooking or supply replenishment
  • Create closer relationships with maintenance and parts providers

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Client Story

Large scale connected cooler roll-out for Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC)

The connected cooler service helped CCHBC develop a fully connected asset ecosystem and easily manage data from millions of coolers in the field. This end-to-end service provided a foundation for turning other assets like shelves and vending machines into IoT devices, to engage with customers in real time on mobile apps and generate customized offers and near-me promotions.

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