Transmission & Distribution

Ensure grid operations are reliable, safe, secure and flexible

Grid Management

Modernize and optimize utility operations

Reliability and safety:

Improve reliability, minimizing failures and reducing risk


Security and resilience:

Secure against cyber-attacks, infrastructure threats and natural disasters

Cost optimized

Optimize investments:

Improve cost efficiency, ensure service affordability

Flexibility :

Increase grid capacity without capital investment risk

Modernize & optimize grid operations for public utilities and industrial power to ensure power supply and quality

No matter where you are on your new energy journey, Atos is here to help. Together we can optimize the distribution control systems for critical grid components, including use of existing investments through third-party and legacy component integration.

Our industry focused technology experts work with you to understand business drivers and help manage renewables, leveraging our advanced grid balancing and demand-side management capabilities through machine learning and AI.

We also specialize in the integration of smart metering and grid monitoring systems to help improve billing accuracy while supporting new value-added services.

Next-Generation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Our next-generation SCADA solutions for transmission & distribution (T&D) utilities and industrial plants improve surveillance and optimize control by:

  • Ensuring reliable power
  • Maximizing uptime
  • Supporting industrial processes
  • Heightening situational awareness


Atos offers >1,600 dedicated industry experts in real-time operations & intelligent networks, with >150 sites supported around the world.

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Energy Management Systems (EMS)

EMS supports real-time monitoring, control, analysis, planning & workflow optimization with comprehensive capabilities including:

  • Complete SCADA functions and state estimation for robust network state awareness
  • Power system study and dynamic network coloring functions for enhanced decision support
  • Dispatch power flow and Volt/Volt-Amps Reactive control capabilities for specialized needs.

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Advanced Distribution Management System / Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DMS/DERMS)

Atos helps distribution operators control complexity through an advanced management toolset including:

  • Distribution SCADA
  • Outage management
  • Fault restoration
  • Distributed energy resource management.

With this solution distribution operators monitor and control network devices and grid assets with reliable, accurate and actionable information.

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Next-generation Smart Metering

Atos Smart Grid Suite helps smooth transition to smarter utility operations by:

  • Collecting and processing meter data, for relevant near real-time information
  • Providing lower cost means to develop and adapt Smart Services
  • Improving customer responsiveness without compromising legislative requirements

Securely bridging the gap between information technology and operating technology

Substation Management

Through a common, virtualized platform Atos helps pave the way to the autonomous grid, leveraging our deep industry and digital expertise in substation management.

Atos brings choice to each client’s needs, leveraging hardened hardware, hypervisor software, microservices and more, ultimately improving efficiency and effectiveness from consolidated workflows and a common operational platform.

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Energy Data Applications for Grid

For today’s utility companies, every activity is data-driven, and that data is increasingly linked to real-time operations. Leveraging today’s robust analytics and hyperscaler offers, utility companies can transform data into insights and business value.

Atos provides a comprehensive methodology, a growing portfolio of use-cases, advanced design labs, and an open industrial platform factory to help define and deliver your data strategy.

Grid Balancing & Congestion Management

When at-capacity markets need new energy resources, operators need to bring them online quickly while supporting new dispatching requirements.

Atos solutions support distribution grid active and reactive power management, while our balancing solutions keep grid operations within acceptable limits of supply, all while enabling ancillary services such as control power, reactive power or black start.

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Client Story

European Utilities Company

Technology investment by utilities must be undertaken to help drive down operating costs, allowing any savings to be reinvested into more digital transformation activities. Revamping workforce management, a largely manual and paper-based process, helped this customer save money, time and enabled them to better serve their customers.

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