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Boost your university’s competitiveness


Improve the learning experience


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Enabling collaboration – a new way of working and studying

Whether you need a single collaboration tool or a connected and digital campus, Atos will create the best solution together with you. At Atos, we implement digital workplace, HPC, cloud and cyber security solutions for world-renowned research institutions and universities.

We can also help you analyze and reduce your carbon footprint with our energy-saving technology, analytics and assessments.

Improving the learning experience

Our virtual classrooms and digital education solutions support online and hybrid learning and teaching:

  • ‘Anton’, our AI helper, optimizes graduation timelines and takes care of students’ wellbeing,
  • We design our virtual reality training to meet your specific learning needs.

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Digital Workplace

Give professors, students and university staff complete and efficient day-to-day communications. Our Digital Workplace:

  • Supports diverse channels, platforms and media,
  • Includes advisory, devices, office suites and more,
  • Embraces bring your own device,
  • Reduces carbon impact through optimized devices, proactive support and automation.

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Digital Campus

Our Digital Campus solution attaches sensors and access management systems so the campus can enjoy a single integrated platform:

  • Reduces energy consumption with intelligent building technology and analytics,
  • Includes data analytics and monitoring, such as room usage, waste management, capacity analysis,
  • Offers data protection and cyber security.

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Cloud for Higher Education

Adopt our pay-per-use Cloud for Higher Education platform for professors, students, back-office staff and researchers:

  • Differentiated communication scenarios (voice, data, text, video) for teaching and learning,
  • End-to-end support with 24x7x365 remote monitoring and response,
  • High reliability, strong security, powerful performance and interoperable communications,
  • Safer, more innovative and robust educational practices.

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Client Stories

High-performance computer for University of Paderborn

The University of Paderborn needed a modern, highly available, flexible and cost-efficient IT infrastructure. Atos installed and commissioned a new supercomputer. By using the high-performance and energy-efficient technology from Atos, the University of Paderborn will continue to operate according to the highest standards in science and research.

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Client Stories

University of Sussex resets its digital journey

During a period of intense change, the University of Sussex reset its digital journey with a strategy to reduce complexity, lower costs and maximize agility to meet student needs and evolving operational demands. Evidence-based recommendations from Atos allowed the University to re-evaluate its digital journey with a clear understanding of options.

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Client Stories

University of Tasmania takes research to new heights

The University of Tasmania’s data was growing at exponential rates. Atos helped the University revive its Research Data Management System. Implemented across 47 sites, the high-performance storage system from Atos delivers performance and resiliency. The proven to scale solution will help the University magnify its success.

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Client Stories

A rapid transformation to digital teaching

The lockdown brought the Sigmund-Schuckert Gymnasium in Nuremberg a new situation to address. Atos deployed the RingCentral cloud solution within days. The solution delivered supplementary digital-supported audio-visual mediation with which teaching material could be explained, questions answered and exercises conducted together.

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Delivering your university’s digital ambitions

Delivering your university’s digital ambitions

The University of Exeter’s digital transformation story

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