Water Utilities

Empower sustainable water networks for future generations

Smart Operations and Networks

Exploiting technology to optimize operations and networks

Process management:

Spans the entire water cycle business

Protect the environment:

Cut CO2 emissions by optimizing the treatment process

Energy efficiency:

Reduced energy consumption by up to 15%

Optimized productivity:

Automated predictability and maintenance

Exploit emerging smart digital capabilities for network optimization

Aging installations continue to cause significant challenges for water networks. Atos is here to help you rapidly optimize your expenditure and improve intelligence across treatment operations and networks.

We have a great deal of experience in new technologies that can transform asset performance and management for decades to come, including such as sensors, AI and communication tools.

Our comprehensive portfolio of digital capabilities makes us one of the world’s strongest big data and BI integrators, driving innovation, process improvements, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Digital twin for clean water operations and wastewater treatment plant

Our expert team can deliver an end-to-end digital twin so you can benefit from:

  • Real-time information on hotspots of activity change across key assets, sites & networks
  • Immersive visualization, tailored AI/ML models for each stage of the process
  • Simulations that run through ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Asset condition monitoring

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Intelligent water networks

Leverage our expertise to embed intelligence into your water networks:

  • Data valorization through big data management, data analysis, machine learning & data restitution
  • Co-pilot dashboards with current & estimated data to manage asset checkpoints & energy consumption
  • AQUADVANCED ® Energy by Suez
  • Sensors & comms to reduce leakage
  • Smart asset life cycle management
  • Tailored deployment solutions

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Cloud platform technologies

Atos is here to help you build a phased migration strategy, from the on-premise data center to private/public/hybrid cloud:

  • Detailed test planning & defect management in Jira ALM
  • Digital twin cloud services
  • IoT device-to-cloud communications

Multi-function analytics on data anywhere

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Client Story

Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization

Atos helped a leading European water operator leverage data analytics and edge computing to optimize cost and water quality at every stage of wastewater treatment, prioritizing processes with high chemical and energy usage. The smart solutions developed enhance compliance, stabilize water effluent quality and cut electricity consumption by 20% .


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Scaling smart networks in wastewater

Read the lessons learned from our work with water companies to scale and sustain the value of their smart wastewater networks.

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