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Employee Experience Accelerators

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Accessible and assistive digital tools empower everyone


70% of business leaders see employee engagement as critical to results


Engaged teams sell 20% more


Superior Employee Experience (EX) directly correlates to increased revenue

Empowering employees, one desktop at a time

Your employees are the heart, the brains and the engine of success for your organization. Give them the tools and environment they need to perform at their best.

Our Employee Experience Accelerators are systems and services that measure and improve employee experience from all directions: digital inclusion, EX management, employee services, workplace decarbonization, developer empowerment and Micro Apps.

Atos is recognized globally for excellence in workplace services and modernization. With unparalleled vision and ability to execute, we’ve been a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services for more than four years.

Digital Inclusion

Our services enable everyone to achieve their full potential through:

  • Inclusive User Experience (IUX) leveraging a range of accessible, assistive technology services
  • Talent acquisition and retention supporting aging and disabled workers, improving wellbeing, reducing absences, ensuring compliance
  • Accessibility consulting, testing and Accessibility as a Service

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Employee Experience Management Platforms

Use our EX Management Platforms to create dashboards that make EX tangible and drive transformation:

  • Deliver a complete listening program
  • Collect employee sentiment data through surveys and other sources
  • Leverage AI to analyze your data and integrate external data
  • Trigger feedback loops to act on what is impacting the experience

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Employee Services Delivery

  • This service builds centralized role-based persona profiles that:
  • Simplify how employees get the services they need
  • Enable digital workflows across departments like IT, HR, facilities, finance and legal
  • Deliver a unified engaging employee onboarding experience
  • Answer employee questions and provide help across the organization


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Workplace Decarbonization Assessment

Whether as a consulting project, or as part of a DLA (Decarbonization Level Agreement) baked into a long-term contract, we’ll work with you to:

  • Collect datapoints from devices, services and support functions to calculate your carbon footprint based on Atos extensive CO2 database
  • Define initiatives to reduce and offset carbon in your workplace services
  • Drive employee awareness to bring behavior change

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Client Stories

Sharing NHS healthcare knowledge in times of crisis

The UK National Health Service (NHS) uses a collaboration platform to share service blueprints that improve patient outcomes and staff productivity. Atos worked with the NHS technology organization (NHSX) to create the platform, called GDE Blueprints, that’s quickly growing into a repository shared by more than 1,700 developers and users. It’s improved the UK’s COVID-19 response by expanding remote capabilities for patient consultations, voice recognition and collaboration.

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Client Stories

Putting Vienna citizens in control

The city of Vienna is delivering better, more transparent services while minimizing bureaucracy and cutting costs. Atos MyCity solutions provide a low-risk, highly flexible framework to enable this transformation.


  • Simplicity and ease of accessibility
  • 40% faster processing time
  • 50% faster IT project time
  • 50% lower IT costs

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