Energy Retail

Efficient meter-to-cash integration with new possibilities for customer experience

Smart Operations Suite

Build more efficient, cost-effective and agile operations

Time to market:

30% faster project implementations

Operational excellence:

70% faster meter-to-cash processes


100% regulatory compliance

User experience:

Enhanced customer relationships

Taking operational excellence to the next level

Improve your meter-to-cash processes with a comprehensive data platform, end-to-end integration services and pre-configured SAP for utilities. Smart contact centers embrace advanced technology and analytics, automating the standard processes to unlock an array of benefits from improved customer experience to lower costs and higher revenues.

Digital Operations platform for Retailers by Atos (DORA)

DORA enables electricity and gas retailers operating in deregulated markets to better achieve digital transformation, delivering their own offers in an agile and safe way. Based on SAP S/4HANA, this platform allows the highest degree of process integration from customer to back-end, improving UX, delivering high-value services quickly and accelerating time-to-market.

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IKE (Intelligent Knowledge Environment)

Cloud-based data optimization for dedicated systems, infrastructure, processes and master data to automate and support the implementation of projects, migrations and maintenance. IKE ensures quicker, less expensive and optimized software lifecycle phases.

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Market Communication Automation

We help retailers in the utilities market increase their customer bases faster with a packaged solution that allows full automatic communication with third parties and is fully customizable to comply with local regulations and standards.

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CRM Digital Platforms

We deliver pre-configured utility solutions and platforms that require less time and effort to be ready to use. They come with all the functionalities necessary to cover any possible business processes and commercial scenarios for energy, gas, water and subscription services among other commodities.

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SAP S/4HANA Migration Services for IS-U

Our SAP migration services answer the digital transformation needs of utilities. We provide solutions and proven expertise for the conversion of SAP for Utilities (IS-U) to S/4HANA and the migration of data with dedicated accelerators.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We developed an RPA automation platform and agile methodology to enable energy retailers to automate their processes to manage the transactions efficiently and to enhance the customer experience while ensuring enforcement and compliance.

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Power Trading and Retail System (PTRS)

PTRS is a comprehensive energy-trading and risk-management platform that spans the needs of three groups: traders and retailers, generators, and RES/self-producers. PTRS helps them achieve a sustainable business advantage in today’s turbulent and increasingly complex wholesale and retail markets. It helps producers optimize supply and demand to ensure optimum pricing.

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Client Story

Illumia future-proofs for growth

With its new digital operations platform for retailers (DORA) Illumia is sustaining growth and future-proofing its business. DORA ensures lean, real-time business management and consistent data integration across the organization. Illumia has accelerated time to market and increased its ability to design memorable experiences for customers.


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Automation and robotics

Reducing costs and releasing talent. Freeing people from manual processes while gaining differentiating intelligence.

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DORA – the new benchmark for utilities

A comprehensive solution for boosting your retail business and reducing the risk of long-term projects

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