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Detect, analyze and localize satellite interferences

Satellite Interference Detection

Safeguard signal quality


Optimized customer experience


Accelerated resolution, avoiding serious problems

Resource optimization:

Reduced cost and time spent on necessary interventions

Ease of use:

Simplified satellite constellation monitoring

Ensuring high-quality satellite communications

The advent and rise of data-hungry media have made satellite links indispensable for global communications. The interference and anomalies negatively affecting data transmissions will only increase. After all, the number of satellites and mega-constellations crowding the Earth’s orbit is growing.

The Atos SkyMon product suite helps you identify interference and manage carriers in one comprehensive system with minimal investment. It helps you react rapidly, safeguarding high-quality satellite communications and protecting your reputation.

SkyMon Suite

Our SkyMon can identify and mitigate interferences and geolocate the source:

  • Monitors the quality and geolocation of satellite signals, including VSAT,
  • Identifies, demodulates and geolocates terrestrial-based interferences originating from 2G, 3G and 4G,
  • Fully integrated single satellite geolocation system,
  • Fully automated carrier monitoring,
  • Predictive AI analysis.

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Client Story

Arabsat mitigates interference

Arabsat is one of the world’s top satellite operators and leading satellite services providers across the Middle East and Africa. Arabsat chose Atos to provide a state-of-the-art satellite monitoring solution. The system mitigates interference in Arabsat’s satellite services to ensure the highest quality of service for Arabsat’s end-users.

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Research collaboration involving Atos experts

Identification of the source of an interferer

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